CanSan Trantow
I am the owner and operator of Can San's, a holistic healing academy and store in Gulfport.
I am married to MaRa Eickermann, who taught me the ropes about energy healing and holistic coaching. We have a gorgeous and smart eight year old daughter called Shiva, who goes to second grade and a wonderful little black dog called Daisy Doodle. I studied visual arts for many years. But I ventured further into martial arts, meditation, chakra work and energy healing. Today I am so happy to have followed that route because it taught me much more than just how to breathe right and sit still. It showed me what humility is (accepting who you really are) and how with everything we judge we pass judgement on ourselves. (Better to see the light that shines within everyone). It also showed me beauty in the most unlikely people (everyone) and places (some of them only accessible through meditation). And it showed me that we are here to realize our unity with the Divine. My goal in this life is to provide tools, host events, develop practices for people, which give them the opportunity to  experience the beauty of their own soul within their hearts and minds.... ... and to have some fun along the way :-)
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