Athlete of the Week: La'Shavia Bingham

This Bogie junior is a receiver on the Lady Pirate Flag Football team. She’s smart, athletic and wants to be a brain surgeon.

Congratulations to Patch's Athlete of the Week La'Shavia Bingham

What other sports do you like other than flag football?

“I played basketball for a while and I am a Bogie cheerleader!”

What kind of music is on your Android?

“I like all kinds and I have a good variety; rock, hip hop, country and some pop. My favorite artist is Rhianna.”

What kind of classes are you taking this year?

I’m in the Medical Magnet program and take AP classes. I may do the CNA program next year. I’m not sure but I want a lot of stuff under my belt, so I will try to get as much done next year as possible. I would really like to look at surgery of some kind… maybe a neurosurgeon or a plastic surgeon. Those professions seem so fascinating.  I don’t mind the bloody or gory stuff. I think its difficult work but challenging.  I think it would be cool to do! I always watch the Health Channel; like Tragedy in the ER or Dr. G, Medical Examiner. That kind of blood and guts don’t bother me at all. In fact, I’m always interested in my friends’ injuries or wounds.. I like to look at them, because I’m curious. They think it’s a little weird but it’s ok…”

What’s your GPA?

“Right now it’s about 3.4, not weighted. It should be at least a 3.6 by next year.”

Have you started looking at colleges yet?

“Yes, I started looking at places like FSU and colleges up in Georgia. I have an aunt who lives up there; I plan on visiting her this summer to check some schools out up there.”

Who are your best friends?

“I have two; Dioshia Brown and Z’keria Williams. I’ve known both of them since the sixth grade. One plays football with me and the other is a cheerleader.”

Who are your role models?

“One of my role models is my big brother Deiontae Robinson; he’s 21. He works for Wachovia and helps people open accounts and helps them with the bank services. He’s very smart, works really hard and is determined to do well. He’s always there when I need him. He wants to open up a place for troubled teens to give them  positive experiences and a place to go to stay out of trouble.

My other role model is my mother, Katrina Robinson. She didn’t go to college right out of high school, but she decided two years ago to go for accounting. She is very strong-willed and independent. She’s what I want to be when I grow up!”

What is it about sports that helps prepare you for life?

“I think the biggest thing is teamwork. If you can’t play as a team well, then you will have trouble down the road. A team sport teaches you to depend on one another and to relate to each other. You succeed in life by treating people well. A sport teaches you that.”

Do you have a boyfriend?

"Yes, his name is Kelvin Williams and he goes to St. Pete High. He’s also into sports. He stays out of trouble and has a positive attitude. We’ve been going out almost five months."

Do you have any goofy tendencies?

"Yes! I love to say weird words to make people laugh! I tell funny jokes sometimes.. I always like to do crazy stuff!" 


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