FCATs: How Are Kids Handling Pressure?

The annual FCAT gets under way. Are your kids feeling the pressure?

Every day, people in our 19 Tampa Bay Patch communities talk to one another, exploring issues through the lens of their neighborhood.

But some  of the "back fence" issues are big enough that we all can benefit from a broader discussion.

One issue that's been getting attention in many communities is the start of today’s Florida Comprehensive Assessment Testing.

With students in grades three through 10 pulling out their No. 2 pencils today, we’re hearing reports of youngsters cracking under the pressure. Some parents are reporting children who cried themselves to sleep last night. Others are saying their children are taking everything with a grain of salt.

We’d like to know what you think about the FCATs. The tests start today and wrap up statewide April 27, according to the Florida Department of Education website.

How are your kids holding up under the pressure? Does the state or your child’s school put too much weight on the scores? Is there are better way to assess youngsters and their teachers?

Let us know how it’s going in your neck of the Tampa Bay area by commenting below.


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