Congratulations to our Patch Athlete of the Week: Liz Hill

Liz Hill is the starting quarterback and Captain for Bogie’s Lady Pirates Flag Football team. Their season starts Tuesday, March 15th.

What’s your favorite sport other than football?

“What other sport?  There’s only football, of course! I’ve been the quarterback for three years and I love it. There is no other sport...”

What kind of music do you listen to?

"I like R&B a lot. I also like Rap; it gets me in the mood for games. I like how it gets me going. I have a lot if it on my IPod."

What colleges do you like or are you looking to apply to?

"Miami and USC, I’m going to apply to both. It was never a question in our home that I would go to college; everyone in my family has a degree. I like both of their pharmacy programs. I want to be a pharmacist but I’m also looking at the army. I might enlist and be a pharmacist there."

What clubs are you involved in?
"Last year I was Student Council President, this year I’m the Treasurer. I started working part-time for an insurance agency, so I’m really busy with school, football and work."

What are your hobbies?

"I like to work, hang out with friends and SHOP! I LOVE shoes… Tennis shoes. I must have at least 50 pairs of sneakers."

Who are your role models?

“My Mom and Dad are definitely my role models; no matter how hard times are, my Mom is always up. She’s always positive but she’s hard on me about school and sports. She wants me to excel at both. She makes me work hard. My Dad is my backbone, my friend. He always pushes me. He’s the reason I’m playing sports…. He loves football. They’re at every game; they never miss one. Coach Henson is also a role model for me. He’s been my coach for all of high school. He’s a great coach and I respect him a lot."

What is it about football and sports that you think will help you prepare for life?

"Football teaches me about teamwork, patience and how to work with others. I’ve also learned leadership and respect for my coach, players and others. I think I bring people up and help them. That’s a great lesson."

Who is your best friend?

"I have two; Angelique Flangan and Samah Irshid. They are like sisters to me. We go shopping and hang out together. They’re on my (flag football) team."

What‘s something funny that people might want to know about you?

"I NEVER tie my shoes. In the sixth grade, my shoes would keep coming untied so I decided I would never tie them again. I just got lazy and I haven’t tied them since. Sometimes I trip on the laces but I’m just so used to it now, I don’t even think about it... until I trip myself in a game… I’m used to it now…."

What’s the last book you read?

"I just finished an autobiography of Frederick Douglas. It taught me a lot about slavery back then that I didn’t know. It was a good book and I learned a lot from it. I had to read it for class."


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