Ward 1 Candidate Question of the Week: Choose Me

Ward 1 Gulfport City Council candidates David Hastings and Dan Liedtke answer our last Gulfport Patch 'Candidate Question of the Week.'

Voters will head to the polls March 13 to decide who will represent them as Gulfport City Council member for Wards 1 and 3.

To help inform the community, Patch will publish a City Council candidate Question of the Week for both wards.

Below, you will find the answers for the Ward 1 Candidates: David Hastings and Dan Liedtke.

Gulfport Patch Question of the Week: "Why should voters choose you on election day?"

David Hastings

"First of all, thanks for allowing me to take part in your series of questions building up to this election on Tuesday, March 13th. You have given us an opportunity to connect with the voters of Gulfport and have allowed them to see a glimpse of who the candidates really are. I am here, I am accessible and I am available to the citizens of Gulfport. This is who I am and this is who I will continue to be. I view my role as a voice for many. That does not mean that I will always be your voice, but will vote for what I believe is the best for our City. I thoroughly investigate each and every item that comes before me. If it comes before the council it means that it was important enough for someone or some group to foresee a need for change or adjustment and we need to acknowledge that effort. I believe in a self-sustaining City and City Government and feel that I bring a unique set of tools to the table. As a CPA, I understand the bottom line and how to run a business and the City is no different. 

I also believe that we need to support our city over and above just the council meetings and workshops. I believe that by getting out in the community and working with the different volunteer groups for all of our neighborhoods, that the Citizens of Gulfport may be encouraged to find a renewed love that will help to benefit their neighborhoods and our City. I believe that I am the BEST choice for Gulfport City Council, Ward 1, and I want to thank the voters for supporting me."

For more information about David Hastings view his website.

Dan Liedtke

Dan Liedtke has declined to answer the question on this forum and is asking readers to view his answer in the FAQ section of his website.

Based on information from the candidate's website, here is a synopsis and short excerpts of his views in reference to this week's question of the week.

Liedtke shares on his website that basic beliefs of learning from "everyone I meet," treating "the opinions and ideas of others with respect and consideration," recognizing that "those in government must be transparent in the entire decision making process" will "help ensure Gulfport remains a happy place to live, laugh, love and play."

Liedtke writes that he has "extensive Public Sector experience," citing over 10 years of experience working with Federal, State and County government organizations.

He adds, "I will bring to the table. This is the experience I will draw from if elected to represent the people of Gulfport."

mtober March 07, 2012 at 05:39 AM
PATCH- Mr. Liedtke did not post nor answer the question on his website yet you summarized something for him? What kind of journalism is that?
dmbgray March 08, 2012 at 09:28 PM
mtober, check your eyes. Reread what Charlene wrote. The info is on the FAQ page of Mr. Liedtke's website. And yes, he answered the question. Obviously not to your liking.
mtober March 10, 2012 at 05:45 AM
Got me "dmbgray"! Silly me I didn't scroll 1/2 way down the FAQ list as I thought the answer to the current question would be at the top above the answer to the previous weeks question. :-)
mtober March 10, 2012 at 05:45 AM
‎Can't help but wonder how Dan Liedtke can stoop so low as to disparage David Hastings for not attending a forum because he accompanied his wife to see her dying relative who was being administered last rites? How low can he go??One would hope, given similar circumstances, Dan Liedtke would have made the same decision and supported his wife too!! ====================================== This is from Liedke's FB page: Pages 34-35 contain excerpts from the 3 candidates who demonstrated their respect to the "Gulfport Democratic Club" and participated in the final debate. His Gabber ad makes a similar comment.


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