Teens Show Their Support for Romney

Teenagers who turned out at Gov. Mitt Romney's rally in Land O' Lakes have their own reasons for supporting the Republican.

Ian Nesbitt is not even old enough to vote.

No matter, though, he still showed up at Land O' Lakes High School Oct. 27 to support his guy: Mitt Romney.

“I think he will do important things for businesses,” the 16-year-old Odessa resident said when asked why he was pulling for the Massachusetts governor. “My parents own a small business.”

Sporting a shirt that said “Young Americans for Romney,” Nesbitt said he hopes Romney will make it “cheaper” and remove unnecessary barriers so business owners can prosper.

Morgan Poulsen, 18, of Tampa is old enough to vote. She said most of her fellow students are voting Democratic, but she has a different plan.

“They don’t really listen to what (President Barack Obama) says,” she said. “Obama is a liar. He lies a lot.”

steve nellis October 28, 2012 at 07:37 PM
They don't. have a clue because they are right. Not brainwashed by teachers the press etc. I am glad to see that young people are making the right choice. Not like the liberal sheep. After Benghazi I have lost all respect for Obama and for anyone that could look in the mirror after voting for Obama. No human DECENCY.
Mike Chubre October 28, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Because Obama goes around the world and shows respect to other countries , we have some say he saying sorry for America.. Because Obama uses his brain , unlike the cowboy Bush who sent troops into iraq unprepared without proper equipment , like Sadamm had his finger on the buton to blow us up at any minute. Iam sure if all Americans do their research they will vote for Obama . He saved millions of people from losing their homes , from republican controlled banks who were ripping them off by giving loans that should of never happened . Obama who , unlike the reps , wanted to take out Bin Laden . Iam sure if Obama was president on 911 he would of never allowed the Bin Laden family to fly out of the usa being the only plane in the sky ? The bush era stinks more everytime I think about what went on . But I like to call it the republican era , so I will not forget it and know if the reps are elected we will get more of the same . The poor will never get a break and the middleclass will decline . And we will be at war before you know it . Unlike what the reps want you to believe , Obama is respected around the world . Reply
Mike Chubre October 28, 2012 at 07:54 PM
The republicans watched Iraqi trucks haul what could of been wmd for 4 months to Syria . Bush knew this and it was reported on Fox so called News . So the republicans sent in our troops after watching this and the reps acted like it was an emergency for our troops to go in . They sent our troops in without the equipment they needed , one example is the steel sheilds on Humvees and jeeps and so forth. Some of our troops had to go to local scrap yards to get metal to weld onto their trucks to protect them from machine gun fire. This is fact ask some who went and look it up . . How many troops got killed going into Iraq for daddy Bush , not to liberate the people but to take out Sadamm for daddy Bush . And when we got into Iraq guess what ??? DUHHHHHHHHH no WMD . Afetr watching the tractor trailers hauling back and forth to Syria ? Fox even mentioned they might have wmd on them ! People forget its the republicans that get us into all the wars we have had. American oil companies are now pumping oil in Iraq , the reason we went in for . And now the reps are doing all they can to discredit Obama over Libya . Your not fooling anyone you republican war mongers
Samuel Clemens October 28, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Many of the youth are "getting it," but the thing is................it's not what the mainstream and the establishment want. Ever been to a Dr. Ron Paul event? Go to one of those and tell me the youth aren't getting it. There's high schoolers with a better understanding of the Govt, Country and world.........better understanding than most adults. Dr. Paul speaks on a campus and the youth come out in droves. Just a week ago, a few thousand came out to Utah Valley University to hear him speak. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gkrD94AA6Tg Throughout the campaign cycle, Dr. Paul had events where 10,000+ attended......many times. If his run had ANY backing from the lamestream media, people would be backing him as the Republican candidate.....but as it is, the media is controlled...........and therefore the people are controlled. Dr. Paul was the true conservative candidate. Instead, the sheeple are supporting a CONservative..............who isn't much different than the current puppet-in-chief. Obama.....Romney? You really think we have a choice?
Samuel Clemens October 28, 2012 at 10:11 PM
Hey Mike, you behind Obama's war on raw milk/foods? How about him stomping on State's rights regarding medical marijuana? How about Fast and Furious? Oh, don't just blame Holder and Obama........they simply carried on the program. Still want to hear if you back the President having a kill list?? Or how about the NDAA? You like the Bill of Rights being shredded?


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