Sandbags Going Fast in Gulfport

Gulfport residents are preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac by packing sandbags.

Cathy Vaseliades has been in Gulfport for 40 years and says she's not only prepared for the storm, she's taking it in stride.

"There's nothing you can do about it. It doesn't bother me at all. I'm always prepared, always have been," Vaseliades said.

Vaseliades spent Sunday morning scooping and packing sand at Gulfport City Hall in preparation of Tropical Storm Isaac. She lives on the sixth floor of Town Shores and says she's grabbing bags for flooding on the first floors of her building, the Windsor.

Annie Pham has lived here since 2002 and says she lost power for seven days when Hurricane Charley hit southwest Florida in 2004.

"We have a generator and my daughter is filling up gas tanks and supplies," Pham said.

With the addition of 10 sandbags to her list, Pham says she's confident they are ready.

"This is very nice. At least we can protect our homes," Pham said.

"This is just a precaution," Chris McKinley said.

McKinley lives just outside the evacuation zone near 56th St. S. and says his street is known to flood. McKinley has a sump pump ready but says the sandbags will help keep water away from his garage. He's also covered exterior windows too.

"I got plywood around the window and boltem them yesterday, he said.

McKinley says it's better to be too prepared.

"If you got it, you won't need it. Secure your property and stay indoors," he said.

Gulfport Fire Chief James Marenkovic says residents can pack their own sandbags at Gulfport City Hall, 2401 53rd St. S. People must bring a form of identification such as a utility bill or drivers license.


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