Photo Gallery: Election Day in Gulfport

Check out our photos from polling places in Gulfport! Polls are open on Tuesday until 7 p.m. Do you have pictures, add them on this story!

Voters are heading to the polls today, Tuesday March 13, to decide between two City Council seats and vote on five amendment questions.

The candidates:

Ward 1

  • David Hastings: For more information check out www.davidhastings4gulfportcitycouncil.com, email hastings4citycouncil@gmail.com or call (727) 322-0909 or (727) 434-0074.
  • Dan Liedtke: For more information check out www.gulfportspirit.com, email Dan@gulfportspirit.com or call (727) 233-0469.

Ward 3

  • James Perry: For more information email jperry4council@aol.com or call (727) 384-1807.
  • Jennifer Salmon: For more information check out www.electjennifersalmon.com, email Elect_Jennifer@tampabay.rr.com or call (727) 399-7746.

Where to vote:

There are four polling places for this election. The polls are open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Gulfport Patch has attached a list of polling places by precinct on this story, courtesy of the City of Gulfport website.

Stay with Gulfport Patch for the results tonight.

For now, check out polling place locations and more in the story "What You Need to Know Before Heading to the Polls."


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