Final Gulfport Patch Election Results 2012

Everything you want to know on election day in Gulfport, all in one spot.

Election Day has come and gone. In order to make sense of it all, we created this article where you will find all the info you need about this year's election in Gulfport.

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Articles from today

  • Scott Swope Concedes to Bob Gualtieri in Pinellas Sheriff Race
  • Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri Defeats Scott Swope
  • Pinellas County Vote Goes to Barack Obama in 2012
  • (PHOTOS) Gulfport Heads to the Polls
  • (VIDEO) Gulfport Voters Choose Obama
  • (VIDEO) Gulfport Voters Choose Romney
  • Pinellas Power Outage Outages Impact Some Polling Places
  • Thousands of Mail Ballots Continue to Pour In
  • Is Florida Too Close to Call?
  • (VIDEO) Mayor Yakes: 'I Just Want Someone to Listen'
  • Election Day Rain Should Clear Out Later Today


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Pinellas' Vote in the Presidential Race
Barack Obama, Democrat 233,438 52% Mitt Romney, Republican 209,007 46% Total Votes Cast 448,897 Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Republican 254,918 59% Scott Swope, Democrat 174,088 40% Greg Pound, write-in 1,328 0.3% Total Votes Cast 430,334 Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark, Republican 312,182 75% Jack Killingsworth, no party affiliation 99,215 24% Total Votes Cast 411,397 County Commissioner, District 1 (at large) Neil Brickfield, Republican 184,844 44% Janet C. Long, Democrat 228,398 55% Total Votes Cast 413,242 County Commissioner, District 3 (at large) Nancy Bostock, Republican 197,377 47% Charlie Justice, Democrat 216,852 54% Total Votes Cast 414,229 County Commissioner, District 7 Buck Walz, Republican 30,124 30% Ken Welch, Democrat 68,481 69% Total Votes Cast 98,605 School Board, District 1 (at large) Janet R. Clark, nonpartisan 241,919 65% Elliott Stern, nonpartisan 126,752 34% Total Votes Cast 368,671 School Board, District 7 Rene Flowers, nonpartisan 70,163 77% Glenton "Glen" Gilzean, nonpartisan 20,483 22% Total Votes Cast 90,646 School Board Referendum Question Yes 253,215 63% No 148,022 36% Total Votes Cast 401,237
Watts November 06, 2012 at 09:07 AM
Romney: "Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China" Queue it up at 46 seconds and watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcZr0UtLgkI Jeep CEO: "Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-30/chrysler-ceo-reiterates-jeep-suv-production-will-remain-in-u-s-.html Now if anybody tries to tell you that Romney is not lying to you to sneak his way into office, there is your proof. I can't break it down any more simply for people. Romney is a deceptive used car sales man. He will tell you whatever he thinks will get him what he wants. He tells the base that he is a extreme conservative and makes all the promises that the fringe extreme wants and then turns to the voters and says that he is a bi-partisan. These are not mutually inclusive positions. He is lying to somebody. Are you ready to risk if he is lying to you?
CJ November 06, 2012 at 12:08 PM
...and Obama did not lie to those who voted him into office? Oh come on...Obama is every bit the slick talker that Romeny may be. Obama is the one with the longest list of lies. Trying to paint Romeny as the ''only'' liar is rediculous. All politicians, especially at higher levels, are liars....only they call it ''politics''. Who you trying to fool? Obama has his share of tall tales. If you are going to stand up for Obama, don't do it by attempting to show he is not a liar, but Romney is. That's like the pot calling the kettle black...which ironically in this case...Obama would win that long standing debate. You gotta wonder if in the back of his mind, that Obama wishes he would lose, so he couold come back out of the closet and once again start worshipping the types of leaders he has always liked being buddies with...such as his old pal Rev White. There is a very good reason the voters are so split down the middle between Obama and Romney, and that's because nether of them is quite what we seem to need to unite people. If you want to stand up for a canidate to be President, then don't do it for one who had his chance and failed. We all need to have a higher expectation level during the first term of anyone who wins. If Obama wins, let me know in a few months how you like that hugh new deduction line on your paycheck stub that Obama and th IRS are cooking up for you. If Romeny wins, and he does not produce his first term...then it's one and done for him as well.
Watts November 06, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Warning: Republican desperation to steal Obama votes! This is for real, so anybody on Facebook or getting emailed instructions that appear to be a helpful hint to Democrats, this is a deception. Read on... http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/technolog/dont-pass-it-voting-booth-hoax-spreads-facebook-1C6884772
Lynda November 07, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Pinellas County voters put their money on public education by approving the school board referendum question. While money alone isn't sufficient, the willingness to continue to pay for public school needs is important. Public education is essential to a democracy that works for all the people. Congratulations to Pinellas county voters!


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