Poll: Tight Race for Gulfport Mayor

A new poll released by StPetePolls shows Sam Henderson ahead of Bob Worthington by less than 1% of polled voters.

Vice Mayor Sam Henderson and former councilor Bob Worthington are neck and neck according to a new local poll.

According to local polling outfit, StPetePolls, Henderson received 30.5% voter support compared to just 29.3% for Worthington. Of the 267 registered voters who responses to the telephone survey 40.2% were undecided.

Voters were also asked about the proposed charter amendment about filling elected position vacancies in the city, the red light cameras and smoking ban.

Of the 204 responses, 38.1% supported the proposed charter amendment. Of the 201 responses, 49.1% think the city installing red light cameras was a good thing. Of the 198 responses, 46.1% support a smoking ban on the beach while 47.6 do not support a smoking ban on the beach. Only 6.4% of participants were unsure regarding the smoking ban.

Check out the January 2013 City of Gulfport General Survey on StPetePolls.

CJ February 02, 2013 at 04:38 PM
Both of these men seems like excellent choices you could not go wrong with no matter who wins. It is rarely this hard to choose who to lend the most support to. Can't they just share the position..lol?
Juan Happicampa February 03, 2013 at 01:58 PM
If this election was a performance review of what Sam Henderson has accomplished in Ward 4 over the last four years, he would be FIRED!
Kelly Wright February 04, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Mr Juan, I have read most of your comments on Face book and the Patch and I have no idea who you are. While you seem to have a lot to say about how poorly things are run in our city, you prefer to remain anonymous. For someone that has so much to contribute perhaps you should consider running for one of these positions yourself.


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