Eggers, Gracy Win City Seats in Dunedin

Dunedin Mayor Dave Eggers edged out his challenger, Bob Hackworth, and political newcomer Heather Gracy ousts Commissioner David Carson, according to election results.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Eggers celebrated his narrow victory over former Mayor Bob Hackworth at an intimate gathering at a downtown restaurant on Tuesday night.

The results from the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office show less than 1,000 votes split Eggers and his opponent.  

Eggers said he was honored and happy about the results of his race.

"The residents of the city recognize that all of our improvements are done respectfully," he said. "We've improved the city incrementally and respectfully."

Eggers celebrated with a small, quiet gathering of 10 to 20 friends in a room at Sea Sea Riders Restaurant, where Commissioner Julie Ward Bujalski was also in attendance when the results were announced.

Commissioner Dave Carson, who ran again for his seat, had also planned to celebrate at the restaurant. The Eggers and Carson campaigns were run by many of the same supporters. Carson was not at the restaurant when the final tally came through. His challenger, Heather Gracy, showed a strong lead over him as preliminary results were announced. 

"It's bittersweet for a lot of people here," Eggers said. "Politics is not easy. My heart is with my friend (Carson) tonight."

Hackworth had mounted a massive campaign war chest against Eggers, putting some local predictions in his favor. 

But in the end, Eggers received 9,105 votes, or 52 percent of the vote, against Hackworth's 8,259, or 48 percent.

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Newcomer Gracy Wins Seat 3 Over Incumbent

Political newcomer Heather Gracy partied with a large crowd on the back patio at Kelly's on Tuesday after winning Seat 3 away from incumbent David Carson.

She took a resounding lead over Commissioner Carson as the first results from mail ballots and early voting began to roll in. She never slipped back. Gracy carried 58 percent of the vote to Carson's 42 percent.

At least 100 people, including Commissioner Julie Scales turned out to celebrate with Gracy and her family.

"I think it very much echoes the change that people wanted to see," Gracy said with a celebratory beer in her hand at Kelly's. 

She said she was upbeat all day despite the statistical odds against her in a race against a well-established, political incumbent.

"Even though it rained, I saw that as a good sign," she said. 

All 11 precincts in Dunedin had reported as of 8:16 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Commissioner Julie Scales, uncontested, keeps her seat.

All the amendments to Dunedin's city charter passed, including language that would impose term limits on city officials. Officials will be limited to two, four-year terms beginning with the candidates this election.

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Editor's Note: Both Eggers and Gracy wanted Dunedin Patch to make sure we included a note about their appreciation for the support of their spouses, friends, family, campaign workers, volunteers and contributors. 

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Julie Ward Bujalski November 07, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Lori - Would love to have you and your neighbors come out to the Southside Town Hall meeting on Nov 13th @ 6:30 at the Hale Center on Douglas. A light dinner & day care will be provided. Julie
-Ed Harris- November 07, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Lori, we have spoken before on here and I know how you feel. But some things today are very different. 1. The Dunedin Mayor was reelected by a narrow margin, what does this mean? The Mayor I know, will reassess everything, looking for what he missed with over 8,200 voters, he will take this seriously and is primed and ready to listen to you. 2.What else is different? Lori you just got an invite from sitting commissioner Julie Ward Bujalski, reaching out to you personally saying she wants to hear you, spend some time with you and meet you in person. It just does not get any better than that! Will that solve all the problems? No, but it's a great start!
Julie Ward Bujalski November 07, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Lori - What I think could make this meeting better (or different) is getting some real attendance so we can hear a broad range of issues to work on. By the way, officials from the City of Clearwater will also be in attendance so they can work with us on the other side of union. It will be important to have a good turn-out of outspoken folks so that they can hear why they are a needed partner to help make the southside a better place to live. I really do hope you come. Kind Regards, Julie
Stacy Rush November 08, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Dave Congrats on your win... Look forward to working with you and the commission to make south side safer... See you Nov 13th Julie.
Melissa November 11, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Looks like someone is starting to campaign already, guess it can't be too soon


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