Fines Increase for Littering in Gulfport

Think twice before you litter in Gulfport. You may pay big, if you do.

If you're caught littering in Gulfport, it could now cost you $143. If found guilty of a contested violation, the cost increases to $188. That's compared to the previous fines of $93 and $138.

Council member Sam Henderson spearheaded the idea months ago. The Gulfport City Council voted 4-1 during first reading in December. This week, it voted 4-0 to pass the ordinance during second reading. Mayor Mike Yakes was absent from the meeting.

During Tuesday night's meeting Henderson added, “The intent is to further deter litter. I don’t care if somebody is put out by a $138 fine."

Residents came forward expressing concerns about not having signs about the current fine and not having enough trash cans at bus stops and Beach Boulevard.

Henderson said during the discussion, “If the trash can is not there, then find one.”

Vice Mayor David Hastings added, “It is a shame, we up here, at least I see this all the time, that we are forced to legislate common sense."


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