Candidate Question of the Week Recap

Gulfport Patch asked Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Bob Worthington and Sam Henderson about several topics, including luring businesses, permitting costs, financial incentives and more in our weekly series "Candidate Question of the Week."

For several weeks we asked Gulfport Mayoral Candidates what they thought about the issues facing the city and it's residents. Let's recap our questions which are all included in our "Candidate Question of the Week" series on Gulfport Patch.

Q #1: What quality of life advancements do you foresee in Gulfport's future?

A #1: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Share Quality of Life Advancements

Q #2: Can we use the Waterfront District's Tax Increment Fund to create a program of financial incentives to recruit artists to relocate to the additional re-zoned commercial corridors along 54th and 56th Streets and side streets connecting to Beach Blvd., creating artist live/work spaces and galleries? This has been done successfully in small cities such as Bradenton, FL and Paducah, KY with great, nationally recognized success.

A #2: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Financial Inventives for Artists

Q #3: "Can you elaborate on your understanding of private sector business? What positions have you held in private sector businesses and how did those positions prepare you for your potential role as mayor of Gulfport?"

A #3: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Share Business Experience

Q #4: "I would like to hear the candidates address the issue of permitting costs. I feel that as owners of homes we are subjected to extremely high permit fees. For example, 70.00 for a front door replacement? 50.00 for a window? I think this is detrimental to both the neighborhoods look and the economy over all. I think these costs need to be lowered so we can see more home owners updating their homes and beautifying the neighborhoods. What do the candidates think?"

A #4: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Discuss Permitting Costs 

Q #5: "What would the candidates do to encourage a more integrated approach to activities in the community focusing on inter-generational and multi-cultural programming?"

A #5: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Multi-Cultural Programs

Q: #6 "How can the city and its leaders help lure new businesses to Gulfport?"

A #6: Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Luring Businesses to Town

Q: #7 "Why should voters choose you for Gulfport Mayor?"

A #7: Gulfport Mayoral Candidate Asks For Your Vote

For More Information:

The municipal elections are on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The mayor serves a three-year term.

For more information on how to register visit the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections website.

Both candidates have set up Facebook Pages; here are the links:

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