Campaign Finances: A Breakdown of the Numbers

Gulfport City Council Candidates Barbara Banno and Avrio Taylor are vying for your votes today March 8, 2011.

Gulfport voters will choose the next council member for Ward Two today, Tuesday March 8, 2011. Both candidates have been campaigning non-stop for your votes. Take a look at who's helped finance their efforts. 

Here's a look at contributions for both candidates as of Friday March  4, 2011. 

Barbara Banno has received a total of $6,489.16 in campaign contributions. Banno has spent $3,853.59. Avrio Taylor has received a total of $3,434.25 and has spent $2,615.58.

Here is a list of contributions for Barbara Banno's City Council Campaign:

$10: Mike Martin, Michelle Delaney

$20: Beverly Newcomb, Joseph Walter Gilbert

$20.50: Delia Chuvard

$22.50: Marion Snow, Barbara Ann Anderson, 

$25: Pauline Tondreau, Stephanie Decker, Robert Schroeder, Orlyn Adams, Mary L. Milch, Dena J. Lebowitz

$30: Kyle Kelch, Charlene Metrano, Timothy Swanson, Carol McCarthy

$35: Margaret Barr

$40: Katie Davis

$50: Keith Sanders, Reggie Evans, R.M. Seawall, G. Ron Hickey, Margaret Tober, Dottie Tregoning, Bob Tregoning, Jennifer Clark. Olive Davis, S. Robert Italia, Joseph Banno, Angela Banno, Joanne Banno

$65: Ann Marie Anderson, Suzanne P. Szul

$85: Sven and Kathleen Bertelsen

$94.90: Bob Newcomb

$100: Dennis Ross, Jean Proach, Edwin F. Jennings, C.C. Stapella, Diane Staerker, Elizabeth Press Shugart, Ted and Mary Jo Kehoe, E.L. Stapella, Thomas & Jo Anne Russo, Joanna Goodrich, Nancy E. Kelley, Anne Marie Anderson, Donald Banno

$150: Simone C. Frohne

$200: Howard Dodge, Leonardo Robleao Jr.

$240: Accounting Results, Inc., Susan Sommers/Marshall

$250: Al and Cindy Davis, Thersa Kunkle

$420: Gerard O'Regan 

$500: Anytime Pizza

$605: Gina Burke & Theodore Kehoe

$833.76: Barbara Banno

In Kind Donations:

Marco ($50), Abercrombie & Fitch ($40), Charlene Metrano ($65), Reef Dog ($85), Publix ($25), Ann Marie Anderson ($25), Greta Waldas ($350), Nancy Kelly ($200), Ann Marie Anderson ($225), Katie Davis ($50), Thersa Kunkle ($25), Stella's Deli ($40), Bo-Tiki ($100), Jeanne Kunkle ($25), Dave Farewell ($60), Bob Newcomb ($84.53)

Here is a list of contributions for Avrio Taylor's City Council Campaign:

$5: Thomas Gabriele, Rob McCabe

$10: Naomi Korn

$12: Paul Starr, J. Walsh, Suzanne Zeller

$15: Karen Dorn

$20: Peter Sandusky, Bob Appel, Don McKeating, Anonymous, Janet Goen, Joel Goetz, Tom Gabriele 

$25: Grace Whitehair, Karen Coale, Rob McCabe, Richard Kriseman

$28: Deborah Taylor

$30: Marjory Milford

$40: Peter Sandusky, Charles Langley

$50: Stuart Fraser, Lynn Kiehne, Arnold Ladd, Ian O'Hara, Frank Verdino, Bonnie Sklaren, Monica Somers, Marvin Johnson, Melissa Royle, Karl Eye, Elizabeth Armstrong

$60: Chris Ladd

$65: Lisa Freeman

$90: Peter Schultes

$100: Joan White, Jeri Reed, Karl Nurse, Nicholas Abid, Stuart Fraser, Bonnie Sklaren, William Taylor

$125: Michele King

$150: Karen Hodgen

$200: Freehold Partners, Tracy Clark

$409.80: Taylor Avrio

$500: Iron Workers Local 397

In Kind Donations:

Gulf Communications Elect, Inc. ($200)


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