Underage Sex Sting Arrest List

Here is the list of suspects arrested in an underage sex sting.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office arrested 43 men in Operation Green Shepherd, an online sting that was designed to catch people soliciting sex with children. The suspects are from several different Florida counties, including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Collier, Charlotte, Lake, Sarasota and Manatee. One man was from Ohio but staying at a Lakewood Ranch home.

The suspects were arrested at a Manatee County residence, where authorities said the suspects believed that they were meeting children to engage in sex. Instead they were met by authorities who placed them under arrest.

Below is the county-by-county list of the men arrested so far. More arrests may follow:

Name DOB Case # County From Gary Cristina 8/23/85 2012 - 28330 Charlotte Eric Baum
11/4/89 2012 - 28263 Collier Tyron Sherfield 1/7/92 2012 - 28345 Collier Andre Maniscalco 4/20/87 2012 -28037 Hillsborough Marvin Aguilar 11/5/85 2012 - 28120 Hillsborough Sivasankar Jothilingam
3/26/86 2012 - 28136 Hillsborough Oscar Cruz 12/28/87 2012 - 28331 Hillsborough David Carter Jr 3/7/88 2012 - 28368 Hillsborough Sang Youn Kim 6/9/66 2012 - 28477 Hillsborough Anthony Barbera
12/7/82 2012 - 28013 Lake Christian Keebler Williams
12/19/87 2012 - 27820 Manatee Lambert Agama
7/10/70 2012 - 27847 Manatee Jerome Siefman
1/3/44 2012 - 27930 Manatee Jesus Martunez 9/19/90 2012 - 27935 Manatee Andre Vasquez 12/23/93 2012 - 27946 Manatee James Phillips 1/26/91 2012 - 27950 Manatee Christopher Austin
1/24/79 2012 - 27973 Manatee Rene Torres 5/13/81 2012 - 28133 Manatee Norman Lewis 7/10/66 2012 - 28149 Manatee Marco Becerra Florez
5/23/58 2012 - 28246 Manatee Derrell Richardson
2/21/89 2012 - 28357 Manatee Justin Smith 2/27/88 2012 - 28375 Manatee Iqbal Sodhi 9/27/60 2012 - 28437 Manatee Eugene Marshall
8/16/69 2012 - 28444 Manatee David Friedman 5/17/55 2012 - 28457 Manatee Brandt Clark 2/27/94 2012 - 28465 Manatee Charles Day 7/20/87 2012 - 27954 Ohio (staying in Lakewood Ranch) Jeremy Wert
9/20/76 2012 - 28051 Pinellas Roberto Delerme
4/2/83 2012 - 28111 Pinellas Joseph Albanese 4/8/76 2012 - 28334 Pinellas James Durkee 3/7/51 2012 - 28340 Pinellas Alen Markley 4/8/56 2012 - 28247 Pinellas Jonathan Schafer
5/6/90 2012 - 28355 Pinellas Paul Sagowitz 9/23/86 2012 - 28153 Polk Keith L Snyder 2/27/52 2012 - 27829 Sarasota Schuyler Brown
5/29/92 2012 - 28207 Sarasota William Lowe
6/23/53 2012 - 28239 Sarasota Richard Barnes
8/27/53 2012 - 28264 Sarasota James Fowler 4/24/84 2012 - 28271 Sarasota John Hubscher
5/2/92 2012 - 28346 Sarasota Corey Campbell 10/30/91 2012 - 28369 Sarasota Walter Knoeringer
1/3/68 2012 - 28458 Sarasota Brian Peters 4/17/80 2012 - 28460 Sarasota
Joshua Nelson October 12, 2012 at 03:53 AM
I understand how you feel, i completely agree that what these guys did was sick and wrong, i agree there should be punishment. However, some of these men never did anything but contact these "girls", were their intentions to have sex, yes, did they ever do that, no. It makes no difference if they actually performed the act, if it was done in your heart its as if you committed it in life, thats not my point. My point is that one of my closest friends is on this list and i will not cast him or any other of these men, whom I've never meant, to capital punishment because of a moment of weakness. Some of them are probably complete perverts like you said, but dont pin that on every single one, sex and the addiction of it is a very real problem for many men, id rather help them overcome than kill them and take a life that was never mine to take. What they did was wrong, no arguing that, and i know you may not have been serious about your comment but i take life very seriously(not to say you don't), if they have a problem than they need help, will it use up our money, yep, but i can't throw around lives as if i am death himself. Should there be punishment, you bet your bottom dollar there should be, but not capital punishment. Sorry for the rant, no disrespect.
Leslie Inman October 12, 2012 at 04:58 PM
I agree with you about the punishment! I think pedophiles, rapists and serial killers should all get the death penalty. When you put them in jail, all they do while locked up is scheme and plot about doing it again when the get out! These types of freaks in society actually are hunting people! They never change either because they are completely wired wrong mentally!!
Leslie Inman October 12, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I don't think they even think about getting caught because all they can think about is one thing. It's the driving force in their sick lives! I saw TO CATCH A PREDATOR that was doing the sting in Ft. Myers and one guy brought his little boy with him when he was going to meet a young boy. The police had to call the perv's wife and tell her what happened and that her son was there and could she please come and get him. That poor woman must have been mortified!
not giving my name February 16, 2013 at 04:57 PM
so far i think the manatee county is not done enough with this 1 of these arrested sickos lived with my mother and he served 30 days in the port pled not guilty and is out on bond he still has his computer and still is online he no longer lives with my mother after his arrest she threw him out but hes on probation and still has a computer and probibly still online
Craig Eugene Nelson June 04, 2013 at 10:36 PM
josh nelson, this is your brother craig and i know what dennis did, please contact me.


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