Prescription Drug Forgery Arrest in Gulfport

Lynelle Sparacino of Gulfport is charged with drug trafficking and forging a false prescription after admitting to trying to illegally obtain painkillers at Walgreens. The pharmacist alerted police.

Lynelle Winans Sparacino, 44, of Gulfport, admitted to using a doctor's information, including his DEA number, to illegally obtain hydrocodone at the Walgreens pharmacy in Gulfport, according to the Gulfport Police Report.

The investigaton started when a pharmacist believed Sparacino was using a fake prescription, after receiving a faxed prescription.

The pharmacist was concerned that the prescription request was faxed by Sparacino, not from the doctor's office. The fax included a signature and DEA number from a doctor located in St. Pete Beach.

After further investigation, Gulfport police spoke with the doctor whose name was on the prescription. The physician stated that he did not write the prescription and that he does not prescribe narcotic drugs.

As a result, Sparacino was arrested on May 17, on charges of trafficking in hydrocodone, a felony and forging a false prescription, a misdemeanor.

During Sparacino's interview with Gulfport Police, she admited to using the doctor's information and faxing a forged prescription for hydrocodone to Walgreens in April. Sparacino is a relative of the doctor.

Sparacino may face additional charges. According to the report, Sparacino may have been refilling a prescription for Diazepam at a Walmart store in South St. Petersburg.

Sparacino has since posted $50,250 bail for both charges and was released from Pinellas County Jail.


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