Gun Control: What Are People in Gulfport Saying?

Should there be more controls on gun ownership? We asked Gulfport residents. Feel free to leave your comments below.

As debate intensifies over tightening gun control laws since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings last week, we asked local residents to share their thoughts:

Here’s what a reader on the Gulfport Facebook fan page had to say:

It was not that long ago that there was rioting in this country. Even mob style (not as in gangsters/mafia...but that Internet mob thing I can't think of the word) violence is showing signs of increasing and becoming more dangerous. If you are in your own home...I ask all of you who support guns bans...''what type of weapon will you wish you had to protect yourself with?''. Hmmmmm? A simple pistol? No. You are going to want real firepower, and have the freedom to be able to decide what that will be. OK...that was an extreme example...''or was it''? Do any of you really doubt civil violence will never return to our streets? That's a pretty foolish assumption. I sure hope not...but I am hardly convinced it won't. Even looting after strong storms, for example, ''can'' be near as bad. One thing is for sure...some of us want to be ready. Take a more real or current example of what any of us could face. A burglar. Do you still only want a simple handgun? Or...worse yet...do you want to end up being hauled off to jail for protecting your house with an assault rifle because you were not allowed to use it? Getting arrested for that is going to be a federal crime and you will likely be in as much trouble as the burglar. I want the freedom to decide what type of firepower I need to protect my home and family...and not be faced with being ''out gunned'' because the law did not allow me to arm myself the way I felt I needed to.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lynda December 20, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Every child in my extended family was given a rifle at 12 years. We were taught gun safety and did target shooting. Some of the extended family depended on hunting for food out of need, not preference. My extended family members served in the military and were trained soldiers able to kill enemies; some even volunteering during the wars I opposed out of religious or practical convictions. I am telling all this as context to my next statement. It is shocking to me that 1 million people have applied for concealed carry permits in Florida. One million of the people we see every day, have decided they are able and willing to kill other people in any circumstance they judge appropriate. Your neighbor, your salesperson, the stranger walking his dog, the drunk staggering from bar to bar may have a gun and with that gun has decided he can kill you. when he chooses to. Your loud music, your skin color, your angry words, your dog pooping on his lawn could trigger his "fear" and then his gun. Don't kid yourselves that people need guns for "self-protection" only; Guns give them power and that power may kill you or your child. The accidental gun deaths, the domestic violence gun deaths, the deaths of children caught in the gang crossfires far outweigh the deaths in mass killings. Given the horror of the massacre of six year old blonde children living in a "safe" neighborhood, it will be possible to regulate mass killing guns and bullets. That won't end the killing by guns.
Terry Libich December 20, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Lynda understands the problem unlike the writter in the original post. A gun cannot do anything without some one to operate it. There are ligitimate uses for guns. However, guns in the hands of nut cases are dangerous. People who think they must carry a gun at all times, and people who think they need assult rifles to protect themselves from home breakins are boarderline nut cases. As a line from an old song says "Parinoia strikes deep. Into your heart it will creep." Our nations problem with guns cannot be solved by banning assult rifles. That would be a big help but not a solution. Along with that we need a change in our thinking about how people live in a civilized society and respect differeng oppinions and stlyes of life. No one has all the answers. Until we learn this there will be killings mass and individual. Fear mongering and hatred of "others" is not an answer. It is the problem.
Inrchld December 22, 2012 at 05:35 AM
Truly well said. I might add requiring proper, secure storage of privately owned guns that aren't presently carried and as we punish an adult who supplies liquor to minors a more severe penalty for gun owners whose guns turn up in the hands of someone who used them for a bad purpose. Most movie, music and electronic entertainment today and for some time is action adventure. Even much of the non local news is debate to the point that the topic is worn out and the sound of the constant argument contributes to a depressed state of mind. Our young adults are often baby sat by game electronics saturated in death and destruction of the living and the zombie rage while both parents are hopefully working. Perhaps we could work on creating a more wholesome atmosphere and we wouldn't need to caution ... don't try this at home.
Paul Ray December 22, 2012 at 10:35 AM
I think what frightens me more than guns or even people who are not straight in the head having access is the inability of the populace to see that something is terribly wrong. In the last week since the Newtown horror, we have seen literally dozens of arrests and reports of Children plotting similiar horrors in schools and yet the uproar is not about that but about the guns. Honestly, do you think any one hell bent on killing and maiming will decide not to solely due to their lack of access to a gun? Can you honestly answer that with a yes? If so move on there is nothing to see here. We need to stop treating the symptoms and work on the disease. Parents, teachers and society as a whole has failed these kids in so many ways they are acting out in ways previously unimaginable. So you can continue your protests and snide comments about gun owners but when you have vented can we start discussing how to solve the problem for real? Just my 2 cents worth.
Tom M December 22, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Here's a patch from Massachusetts regarding gun control http://stoneham.patch.com/articles/should-massachusetts-gun-control-laws-be-loosened


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