Gulfport Fire Station a 'Safe Haven'

The Gulfport Fire Department is a "safe haven" location for mothers, fathers or others to leave unharmed newborns with no questions asked.

Since Florida's "Safe Haven" law was created in 2000, 181 newborn babies have been saved. The law allows anyone to drop off a baby, seven days old or younger, at any hospital, 24/7 fire rescue station, or 24/7 emergency medical service stations, with no questions asked.

Gulfport Fire Chief James Marenkovic says the Gulfport Fire Station is one of those locations. Marenkovic is reminding people about the service after he heard a newborn was dropped off at a St. Petersburg Fire Station recently. This comes after a 14-year-old Lakeland girl was charged with first-degree murder after detectives say she choked her baby after giving birth in her bathroom in September.

Marenkovic says the news was tragic to hear and he hopes people become more aware of the resources available including the "Safe Haven" law.

For more information check out "A Safe Haven for Newborns" website.

The Safe Haven Hotline is 877-767-2229.


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