Fur Flies as Florida House Cat Goes Wild, Attacking Owners

The Russian blue attacked its owners, eventually trapping them in their own bedroom.

Patch File Photo of a Russian Blue
Patch File Photo of a Russian Blue

Never step on a cat’s tail.

That seems to be the moral of a story out of DeLand where a family’s pet went berserk after its owner accidentally stepped on its tail.

The incident began July 5 when owner Teresa Gregory accidentally stepped on 4-year-old Russian blue Kush’s tail. Kush retaliated by attacking Gregory’s husband. The couple locked the cat inside the bathroom to calm it down, but when they let it out the fur really began to fly, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The cat began to attack the family, leaving scratches on their arms and legs, The Tampa Tribune reported. Kush eventually made his owners retreat into a bedroom where they placed the call to 911.

While that call was placed, Kush sat outside peering at the couple through their bedroom window.

DeLand Police responded, even listing Kush in their report as a victim/witness, according to the News-Journal.

Kush was booked into a DeLand pet shelter for a 10-day quarantine period.

It’s unclear what will happen when the time is up.

“I love that cat to death,” Teresa told the dispatcher during the 911 call.


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