Fight Over Capt. Jay's Dog

Concerned citizens are donating money for medical care and offering to buy Dreamer. Capt. Jay says Dreamer is part of his family and he shouldn't be forced to give him up.

John Burki, better known as Captain Jay, just wanted to live with his dog and cat aboard his boat, "Promise," in Boca Ciega Bay, at least for now.

But when Tropical Storm Debby beached his boat, she made a dent in his plans.

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans," Jay said.

, but it wasn’t until he became the victim of a random attack, and his pets were left in the care of a friend while Jay was hospitalized, that his 5-year-old American bulldog became the sudden center of community concern.

Several Gulfport residents who claim Capt. Jay's sea-faring lifestyle left Dreamer neglected and absent medical care, moved quickly while he was hospitalized to find another home for the dog.

Concerned Citizens Step in to Help

John Burki, a.k.a., Capt. Jay, left Dreamer and his cat, Cocina, in the care of friend, Seth Meinders, so he could recover at the VA Hospital, after he was

Trace Taylor, a Gulfport resident and Local Voices blogger, says she and other residents got involved because they're concerned about Dreamer's health and living conditions on the sailboat. Taylor’s concern grew because of a visible skin and eye condition.

Taylor says the boat is no place for a dog, adding that it wasn't clean or kept up. “I have nothing personal against Jay. I just want to save the dog,” she said.

It was on Monday, Aug. 6, Trace Taylor called Capt. Jay, while he was in the hospital, to ask if she could have the dog taken to Gulfport Veterinarian for a checkup.

Although hesitant, he agreed. That’s when Taylor called Dreamer’s temporary caretaker, Seth Meinders, and had two men pick the dog up at his home.

During Dreamer's visit, a fund was set up to help pay for his medical care. To date, more than $300 was donated.

By the following day, Taylor and a group of community members were offering to buy Dreamer.

"The new adoptive family that was lined up was willing to give it a happy, stable, forever home," Taylor said. 

A Good Prognosis for Dreamer

Dreamer had a skin infection, also known as a staph infection, and a congenital eye defect, commonly known as a "cherry eye," says Dr. Brook Ohman with Gulfport Veterinarian.

Ohman says they sent the dog home with antibiotics for the staph infection and trifexis, which prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations and treats and controls intestinal parasites.

Dreamer is also receiving medicated drops for his "cherry eye" and for both ears. Ohman added that although Dreamer's "cherry eye" looks bad, it's not causing him any pain and the condition is common with his breed.

"There's no ill harm to the dog. He can live with that," Ohman said.

Ohman said they can easily remove the "cherry eye" after the staph infection is treated.

Ohman said contact with bacteria likely caused the infection.

Taylor says the dog also had a urinary tract infection, ear infections in both ears and thickening of the dog's rectum.

Officials at Gulfport Veterinarian estimate medical costs to reach $400 for everything: medicine, surgery to remove the "cherry eye" and to neuter Dreamer.

Ohman said overall Dreamer is a well socialized dog. He was described as being in "good body condition," a little dehydrated, but happy.

Authorities Not Concerned Yet

The Gulfport Police Department contacted officials with SPCA Tampa Bay and alerted them of the community's concerns following Dreamer's initial vet appointment. 

Jill Purl, Humane Officer with SPCA Tampa Bay, contacted the Gulfport Veterinarian and offered to board the dog. Purl said officials told her they were not concerned and that the dog was staying with a friend of Capt. Jay's. Purl said that was the last she heard from the Gulfport Veterinarian.

When asked about the community's concern for Dreamer, Purl said she would revisit Capt. Jay and Dreamer if people contacted her.

"If the community wants us to follow up, by all means, when he returns, we will," Purl said.

As of Monday afternoon, Purl received at least one formal complaint.

Chief Robert Vincent of the Gulfport Police Department said that if the SPCA felt charges were appropriate or if they were seizing the dog, they would contact local authorities. As of Monday, Vincent had not heard back from anyone with the SPCA.

Vincent explained that the department works with SPCA Tampa Bay concerning complaints about animal abuse or neglect on a regular basis. In any event, if an arrest is made or charges are filed, the animal and any other pets in potential danger will be confiscated.

Capt. Jay Says Dreamer Is His 'Godsend'

Captain Jay took Dreamer home when he was just 7 weeks old.

"He was this big," Jay said as he cupped both hands together.

Burki says Dreamer was born deaf and was raised with hand signals. Since then, he’s been the old man's best friend and companion on his sailboat.

“He is family,” he said.

Jay says Dreamer gets along with everyone and loves attention and playing ball.

He believes people are overreacting to his dog's medical issues and that he was going to take Dreamer to a vet in Pinellas Park before Tropical Storm Debby hit. He also says Dreamer's skin infection is an allergic reaction to food he was not supposed to eat.

He is thankful for all the community help and outreach, but feels people are targeting him on several online forums, 

He turned down citizens' offer to buy Dreamer from him.

He said Dreamer was raised on a boat and understands that not everyone agrees with his lifestyle. He also disputes claims that he rarely brings Dreamer to shore.

“I take him two to three times a week,” Burki said.

"To me, it would be cruel to separate him from the life he knows," he added.

He’s also changed his mind about fixing up his boat. Now he would prefer to sell it and buy a motor home.

“I can still travel, just in a different way,” he said.

Last Wednesday,  However, he said, reality is setting in and it’s going to be too difficult to get "Promise" sea ready. He may sell the boat as-is or fix it up a little in an effort to make enough money to buy a motor home.

And once he gets back on his feet, he wants to take Cocina and Dreamer with him.

"He's my companion. He is a godsend to me," he said, while patting Dreamer on the head.

Where is Dreamer Today?

As of Monday, Aug. 13, Capt. Jay told Patch that Dreamer is temporarily living with Seth Meinders in St. Petersburg; however, he is making arrangements for Dreamer to stay with another friend in Gulfport.

Capt. Jay said he signed over temporary ownership of Dreamer last week to Meinders. He feared that the group of citizens or police officers would come and take his dog away without him knowing.

katherine oliver August 15, 2012 at 05:02 PM
CJ August 15, 2012 at 05:35 PM
OK ''Phillipe''...sorry I am slow on this, but I fialed to see both you ''and Phil'' replied here at the same time. Excuse me, but it was a little confusing. Right? And yes...you are right...I aksed the wrong Phil the bike question. The thing I now don't understand is that you were right hear seeing me ask the qustion to phil about the bike when I should have been asking you. Couldn't you have simply responded back about the bike? Are you just blowing me off, since you don't like my opinion on the dag? Even thoughI was nice enough to send you some help about your stolen bike?
CJ August 15, 2012 at 06:00 PM
uh...there ''are'' other Patch articles to read..why not just go to them? Hmmm...just wondering...are you one of the volunteers who showed up just for any of the free food and/or beer offered by some of the local establisments? I think I heard about a few places that did that. When my son and I showed up, we came because we read the Patch article, and helped as long as we could, but had to leave and go straight to an appointment we had to go to at 11am for my son to get enrolled in college. We went to the apppoinment in our swim suits. The point is...why show up to help and then afterwards show malice? Maybe you should not even bothered to come. A volunteer is a better one if he is not disgruntled. If your heart was with helping Jay right his ship, then it only stands to reason you would have his back on the rest of his problems. I still think this dog matter is his own business, but I have changed my position slightly in order to show a willingness to listen to others. I now wish Jay would see this is a great opportunity for him to see his beloved elderly dog have it's remaining years under the care of someone who would give it a good home. Afterall, Jay, there are other dogs in the world that need a home also. A dog that lives the lifestyle Jay has for it needs to be a young dog. There is no shortage of dogs who need a home. That said, Jays choice should be respected. Anyone who has lost a well loved dog and then got another one knows how quickly you love each other.
CJ August 15, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Live local dog story: We had 3 younger people move next door 3 months ago. we have made great friends with them, and treat them like our kids. They had 2 cute dogs. One was a pit mix that was like ''A Marmaduke'', that was 8 years old and raised from a pup. Needless to say, they loved it very much. A really excellent dog it was. The second day they live here, it wondered off and got lost. They did everthing you can imagine to find it..it is too many things to list. All of them cried and cried ...and we cried also for them...over a 3 week period. Still, the dog remained lost. The moved past it, and obtained another similar dog (Tara) and it became an instant hit. They save it from a kill pound. A week after they had it, the police called to tell them they found the other dog dead from getting hit by a car 7 miles away. It was hard news to take, but it offered closure. ''Now''...2 weeks ago they obtained ''another'' dog from a rescue group probably very similar to what is trying to be done for Dreamer. With me so far? They now have 3 dogs. Last night while we were all BBQ' n...''another dog'' wondering in among us and acted like it had lived with all of us 20 years. It was amazing. You guess it...now they have taken it in and using the usual channels people use to try and get the dog back to who lost it...or possbily help use the rescue groups to find a home for it. They have 4 dogs now. I would bet money they keep it. They are my neighbors, and it's their business.
CJ August 15, 2012 at 06:47 PM
..to continue (ran out of Patch words..lol)..As I said...now they have 4 dogs and they have only lived by us for about 3 months. Now...I have my own opinions about how many dogs a person should have...and as far as that goes...so does the city. I just don't share those opinions with these neighbors. Obviously these young people's love for dogs is admirable...but I know there are many people who would stick their noses into their lives and try to get the city, the SOCA,Trace,mtober, etc,etc, etc, whatever.... ...to go on, there are those who would try to get some of these dogs taken away from them. Are people like that good people and do we need them? Absolutely. I just can't be one of them. Some people can be cops, tax collectors, dog catchers, utility shut off people, etc...and some can't. It take all kinds of people to keep each other in check, but there is a place we ''all'' generally fit in. Including Jay, homeless people, alcoholics..you get the idea. As the wonderful country we are, we make reasonable efforts to care for people with ''issues''. This city started something here helping Jay..now let's stick with it. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have been so chosen. This world does not be this kind that very often to someone like him. It is a sight to see and witness. If this city could be instrumental in making a true ''permanent'' change in Jay...how great would that be? Think about ''this'': IRONICALLY, only a ''DREAMER'' would understand :)
CJ August 15, 2012 at 07:09 PM
On a more light hearted subject related to this dog story: I know some reasons why we get male dogs nuetered. Obviously, it helps reduce the amount of homeless dogs (except for the kind who sleep in parks, lo). I am glad I am not a dog. This is coming from a man who named one of his son's ''Duke''...lol! But why is it so important that a dog that spends virtually all it's time on a boat NEED this done? Am I missing something? Somebody fiil me in why it has been mentioned a million times about Jay's dog that ''they hope his poor dog can get nuetered, blah, blah, blah... I mean, sure ...it does not seem like it does a male dog any harm...but we ''again'' are in an area that is ''private (excuse the pun) business'' of Jay's. If the man does not want to get his darn dogs gonads cut off, then leave him be!! Somehow, though, it really does not surprise me that Trace and others would like to see male goands removed. I'm just sayin'....and I mean that candidly and harmlessly. We can use some jokes here. If the poor old dog has had them this long, then what's the harm leaving them? It's not like somebody is gonna give it viagra or something and let it loose in the neighborhood. Is there a health reason that would make the dog better off? I dunno...but it seems werid how many times I have read how many want this done to Dreamer. Poor dog. God help me if I ever come back into this world as a dog and have a woman raise me. Give me somebody like jay.
john miller August 15, 2012 at 10:16 PM
i guess none of you have had a dog or cat that you have lost , or has died . think about what you want and how it would make him feel to lose his animals.
CJ August 16, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Looks like censorship and deletions are taking place. Not because of any curse words. etc...but evidently simply because someone is hitting the ''flag as inappropriate'' simply because they don't ''like'' a comment. Censorship of this nature is the very worse kind. I prefer to read all comments on a blog. Not one that is tainted by unecessary deletions. It turns it into a blog seen through rose colored glasses. Dissapointed to see this happen. I can guess who is hitting the ''flag as inappropriate''...so it does not surprise me of a low blow like that. All some people have done here is show just dirty they will play.
mtober August 16, 2012 at 03:31 AM
I am very grateful for those that serve and have served in the Armed Forces and local police, fire, EMT, schools, etc. However, there are responsible and irresponsible people in all walks of life including these. Serving in one of those occupations does make one immune to bad decisions and bad behavior. That is unfortunate but it is also reality.
CJ August 16, 2012 at 05:08 AM
OK. Now you have gone too far mtober. I know you have many supporters here..but you can all go jump in a lake together. You are suggesting you can easily come up with an excuse to not give a veteran his due respect. I basically agree with you, but onlyu if the veteran has engaged in some horrible crime, etc. Obviously you are implying that the misdeeds Jay has done warrant you right to diss him. I humbly disagree. Jay has not even come close to that, and with men and women presently engaged in conflicts, it is deplorable of you to even remotely speak unhonorably of veterans. Disputes of opinion between individuals and enforcement gruops, indiviidual animal groups, citizens (you), etc, etc in no way are enough basis for trying to imply it is legetimate grounds to not be cautious in how you speak of a veteran. After all, it's not like Jay was beating his animals,chopping them up to eat, etc. Your direction you are taking here to justify your attack on Jay is weak. You ought to try apologizing to him. I keep trying to turn away from this blog, and yearn to hear some of you soften up, but I see waitng for some of you to take the high road is not going to happen.
CJ August 16, 2012 at 05:20 AM
(con't of reply to mtober) Many of you have gone way past intervention. It's amazing how so many of you are hanging tough to crucify this man. I have something inside me that requires that I intervenme in his behalf and defend him. I know it is the right thing to do. I am absolute positive it is. Lay off Jay and his Dog. Look at Cherlenes pictures again if you need something to concvince you. Those pcitures are real. If you can't see that, then you are not even one fouth the animal lover you pose to be...and the rest of you as well. This is sickening to observe how easily many of you are turning on this man. Yes, his animal problems are bad, but it is soundly unquestionable as to whether it deserves the witch hunt many of you are on for this man. Stop it. It is embarassing to all of Gulfport. Maybe if many of you would somewhat reverse you tactics on him and this issue, it might not offend him so much...and posssible one of you could convince him to release to dog to a new home. It's no wonder he is holding tight to his stance to keep Dreamer. It ''is'' his right, but if more kindness were used...then maybe somebody could ease his defensiveness that he justifiably has towards your offers to help. You people ae not trying to ''help'' the man...you are trying to ''make'' him give Dreamer up. Who on earth would want to cooperate with a beehive of women acting like yellowjackets. You are all your own worst enemy for your cause. Nobody want to be treated like that.
CJ August 16, 2012 at 05:36 AM
So true, John. I can't imagine how these forces in play here could break Jay's heart like that. To ''take'' Dreamer from him could destroy the rest of Jays life, and cause him (a human being) unthinkable depression at his rather old age of near 60 years old. On the other hand, if Jay could be convinced ''by his own decision'' to donate Dreamer, then he might find comfort in that. Jay could get another young dog....one that is better able to share the life of a crusty old seaman. That scenero is a pretty good one. It not only give good ol Dreamer a way to finsih up his older years...but it could also help another dog in need a home. Two birds with one stone used to be considered a successful day.
CJ August 19, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Mtober, Trace, etc...all of you here aiding to rip Jays dog from him...I hope you are pleased with yourselves. I have had respect for the Gulport Patch Blog. I tried to keep my language clean, etc...the type of things you feel won't get you deleted. My respect has somewhat deminished now, due to the un-noted censorship. At least in the past, when deletions took place...they were noted. Without them being noted, then you simply have a ''tainted blog'' , in my opinion..and one that artificially displays the true comments. Someone needed to stick up for Jay, and also some very sour comments about Veterans...so I tried. I have had some comments removed that I simply don't understand how they could possibly violate The Patch rules...''then''..it comes to me...afterall...The Patch is also part of Huffington Press...and then it all makes more sense. HP is widely known for it's random deletions, often with a liberal spin. I have seen that happen less ''here'', but not in regard to defending Jay. I say: ''foul'', Patch. That's not playing fair. I will leave it at that and move on to future debates. Win some , lose some..right? The fact is, there is the usual bunch here that sling so much mud...it is hard to beleive how ''anyone'' else could ever write ''anything'' worthy of deletions when you see what comes out of some of their minds and keyboards. Jay has not had a level playing field here. He literaly was ''dogged''.
Faun Weaver August 20, 2012 at 05:46 AM
Whoa!! Lou and CJ, were either of you there for 4 days dealing with getting his stuff off his boat so it would be light enough to move? Were either of you dealing with litteraly flicking roaches and feces off your feet? How about when we had the pleasure of moving all of it to the storage facility and the thrill of unloading it after it had sat in the FL heat for over 24 hours? Did you buy the bug bombs? Did you buy the garbage bags, the water, the cleaning supplies? Did you make the phone calls to get UHaul to give a discount or GP storage to give him 30 days free? Did you help push the damn boat back out to the bay? All of us gave time and money for someone we hardly know because it was the right thing to do and yet, according to you, that makes a large chunk of the GP community self righteous. Because we give a damn about 2 abused animals and didn't think that silence about it was the correct action. I lifted a hand and a wallet for Burki. Did you?
mtober August 20, 2012 at 01:42 PM
CJ - you' re all over the board here. One minute you agree and the next you do a 360. Why do you continue to belabor the topic? Appears your goal is simply to argue. I made no sour comments about Veterans. My comment above was very straightforward. If you think being a Vet makes one perfect and immune to error and poor judgement then so be it, but I suspect most people would disagree.Read the comment again please..... "I am very grateful for those that serve and have served in the Armed Forces and local police, fire, EMT, schools, etc. However, there are responsible and irresponsible people in all walks of life including these. Serving in one of those occupations does not make one immune to bad decisions and bad behavior. That is unfortunate but it is also reality."
CJ August 20, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Fraun, ''damn''? Do you think cussing, and using words like that will make you look like a better person? Frankly, I wish you would not use words like that. It can get you deleted...and I hate censorship. I think it ''is a good thing'' to see first-hand comments like yours to show how low down and dirty people will get. As a matter of fact we (myself and my Eagle Scout son, thank you) ''did'' help get the boat back into the water... and we ''did'' donate money. To be fair, our help was modest compared to many. I am glad you helped with the other things you listed, but now you taint your help. A volunteer who helps with disgruntled feelings, such as you...should have stayed home and kept their help and their money. All you have donated, in the end, is a big mouth. It is real easy to see ''exactly'' the kind of person you are...and it is not a pretty picture...but all too familiar, here. ''So''...you get aboard the man's boat under the false pretence that it's heartfelt...and you now come forward to blab your trap about things that are personal and private to Jay. That is not what you call ''help''...it's called ''low class''. I thought I had read the worse comments about Jay that anyone would stoop to print, but you are the current leader in smutty talk. Your words should shock even the eyes of your peer group in this matter.
CJ August 20, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Fraun, I also brought $300 worth of rope that will never be seen again...nor did I look for it..nor do I care if I ever see it again. It was our only rope we had, and we are not wealthy. I did not even see it used. It probably got stolen by one of your friends. I've had that rope 40 years, and it belonged to my deceased WWII S Pacific Navy Veteran Dad, and he would be so proud to know how it was used. A fitting end to it, I think..to help a fellow Navy Vet, Jay. Tell me...how can someone like you make such a fuss over dealing with the obvious mess you would have on a capsized/beached ship? You claim, to be such an animal lover? And feces and some roaches make you rant like that? Last I checked, caring for pets requires quite a bit of close encounters of the poop kind.
mtober August 20, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Faun - thanks for your efforts to move the boat. THose of us that know of you know it is not uncommon for you to assist in such ways. CJ- Faun (not Fraun) didn't say anything about the condition of the boat that hadn't already been made known by the media as well as others that had seen it firsthand including the leader of the refloat effort. Please stop your yammering.
Faun Weaver August 21, 2012 at 04:58 AM
CJ, so the word damn offends you but mistreatment of a dog and cat doesn't. Hmmm... And interesting that my post for MTober was censored. Sorry MTober, had your back.
CJ August 21, 2012 at 06:26 PM
mtober..keep your spelling lesson..it's a blog..and it's called a typo. Whatever rules are followed here certainly are not your rules. It's you that is yammering, along with the others who have taken the side to shame Jay. I can live with myself coming to his defense, and putting people first before animals. I have never once thought anything bad about you in the past, but on this issue....If you can't stand the heat ges out of the kitchen. Stop your attack on this man, and you won't hear me reply back. In some of my more recent replies I have tried to ''give something back'' as a gesture to cool this topic down. For example, I have already conceded the fact that I now think if Jay would ''willfully'' give up Dreamer, it would be a good thing...but ''taking'' his pets..''is wrong''. I had hopes some of the rest of you would ease down on Jay, also. You, and your buddies here have simply taken time to resharpen your sticks so you can poke him some more. I have been around a long time in this world, and been a lot places... rarely have I seen such a public stomping of a man who clearly has his hands full of trouble. The display you and your coherts have done here rates right up there with the most heartless thing I have ever seen. You rant on about his dog, but the actions your little click has done are far more cruel than ''anything'' he ''ever'' did to his pets. ''Several'' of us are ''yammering'', but are all pale in compared to your degree of it. You're as bad a ''JohnE''.
CJ August 21, 2012 at 06:38 PM
It has nothing to do with what offends me. I cuss way too much. I'd cuss plenty here if it were allowed. Are you really that dense you don't realize it violates the ''rules of whatever''...that Cherlene so kindly tries to keep all of us here reminded of? I have had enough comments deleted over time, that I try to make comments that don't violate Cherlene's patience. I am not always able to do it. Just goes to show what a ''me'' world you must live in to not realize I simply was trying to politely warn you that using some words may get you deleted. You can say damn as much as you want...I don't care. I was not aware you had a post censored, and I truly do not like to hear that. As I said, I like to hear exactly what people have to say..the way they want to say it. ''Then'' we can see people for what they really are.
CJ August 21, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Faun. in regard to your question about dog mistreatment..we just have a different opinion of where you draw the line on that. I see lots of things people do with dogs I don't like, but I also think it's their business. I have already said that this issue with Jay is a hard call. It's the attacks you guys make on Jay that hurt your own cause here. I know you don't care about anything I say, but in one of my posts I shared a dog story about my neighbors. They took in a rescued Pit (Cowboy). Sad case..but we are all still trying to help the poor dog. It's been about 4 weeks, and the dog was so abused before from being beaten, that the dog has not cracked one single bit. It's still as afraid as the day the kill shelter took it in many weeks ago. We are not sure we can ever get this dog to be happy again. The fact is, the dog may be too dangerous to try much longer. At some point you have to worry about the very real personal safety issue. Pits can be deadly if they attack, and this dog is a bit scary. Despite that fact, we are making it a group effort to make him people friendly again. Considering how young the dog is, it's especially maddening to imagine what some SOB (another word like damn that can get you deleted...lol) has done to this poor dog. Very sad, but we have not given up. I go see it ever day and talk to it, pet it, etc. Wish us luck. The point here is that ''this dog'' has been abused by ''anyones'' defintion...Jay's pets have not.
mtober August 21, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Steve Smith August 25, 2012 at 04:05 PM
All the line that was not used to anchor Jay's boat was collected and was brought back to my home. Some people have claimed their line but a fairly large pile still remains. The comment that it was stolen was reprehensible. Please, if you are missing your line, contact me and if it's here, I and my wife will be happy to see it removed from our porch. I do not want to post my phone number here, but I'm sure that you can get my contact information from the news stories or simply looking up Steve Smith in the yellow pages. I must add that it saddens me to see the bickering and bashing that is going on. Something positive and good is being tarnished by all this negativity. Steve Smith
Steven Smith August 25, 2012 at 06:26 PM
"I also brought $300 worth of rope that will never be seen again...nor did I look for it..nor do I care if I ever see it again. It was our only rope we had, and we are not wealthy. I did not even see it used. It probably got stolen by one of your friends." I find the above comment insulting. All the line that was used in the effort to remove Jay's boat that wasn't used to anchor the vessel was collected and brought to my home. What hasn't already been reclaimed by it's owners still sits in a pile on my porch. Anyone who wants their line back can simply contact me and make arrangements. If it sits here much longer, I will donate it to anyone who needs it. Steve
Steven Smith August 25, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Cherlene, I'm sorry. I had forgotten that I had already registered here when I submitted the comments earlier this morning so I used my wife's email to register when it wouldn't accept mine. I was not trying to get away with anything. I just have a poor memory sometimes. :) Steve
Cherlene Willis August 25, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Hello everyone, You can also leave Steve Smith a note on "The Board" on his profile: http://gulfport.patch.com/users/steve-smith-29a87152 Hope this helps, Cherlene
CJ August 26, 2012 at 02:52 AM
OK Steve, I had that coming. I apologize for saying that, and you are right...it was reprehensible. I, too, was annoyed by the "Jay Bashing''. I got caught up trying to stand up for the man, and I stooped to a lower level than I normally would. In my attempt to reply back to insinuations made to me by someone that My son and I had not donated any of our time,efforts or money for this, the remark I made about the rope did not come out right. The only reason at all that I stepped into this squabble was becasue of the same reason you have mentioned...the way this unique and meaningful act was trashed by the tasteless manner that Jays personal life was exposed so unkindly. It tarnished the entire effort of getting the boat back in the water.I find it a bit odd that you would single me out as the one who has spoken poorly here. Frankly, in the week or so that has passed since all this fuss over his pets, I have often thought of his dog and hope that Jay has decided to let someone else give it a better home for it's golden years....and in light of the upcoming storm....I also have had a hard time to not be concerned that Jay was ordered to get his boat out of the area at a time when it could very dangerous to do so. It would have made more sense to simply impound and destroy his boat. Casting him out into the Gulf now is essentially making the poor man walk the plank. Again, I am sorry about what I said about the rope. At the time, I thought I was trying to make a valid point.
CJ August 26, 2012 at 03:14 AM
yeah...I read it..and thanks for repeating it..and I know exactgly what you were saying..and the sneaky way you were doing it. Your type is quick to pounce on people when they are down. As a Vet myself, it would be hard to miss the underhanded way you were futher insulting Jay. Try and convince otherwise all you want..I was not born yesterday. Unlike you, I ''will'' grant a fellow Vet resepct due beyond what I will do for non vets. I may be somewhat ''all over the place'' in my efforts to give in on some issues here for the sake of toning down the anger, but your path is straight and true...and it is a back stabbing path. You don't waver much from that. You evidently think you can say anything you want about people. I can remember several other Gulfport Patch blogs where you so so innocently toss out people's dirty laundry. I read you loud and clear...and you will defintely stoop to low ground. It is obviously you don't like what has happened to the area in the last 10 years or so because of the economy, housing situation, and over all decay of the quality of life in Gulfport and South St Pete, etc, etc. I am surpised yoy have not moved from the area, considering your disgust you display towards things.
Steven Smith August 26, 2012 at 01:38 PM
No worries CJ. Emotions run high about issues like this. The only reason I singled your comment out was because, as a friend of Faun, I felt it was directed at me. I am very grateful for everyone's help in getting the boat off the beach. No one person's contribution was less meaningful than any other's. Though Faun and some others went above and beyond in the effort. She was actually cut rather severely in the process unloading the U-haul and I am thankful that she didn't end up with complications from an infection. We all had different reasons for helping. Some of us had numerous reasons for helping. That doesn't make anyone completely right or wrong. Just different. Let's not dwell on our differences or on the past. Lets move forward with the encouragement of knowing that we can actually come together and do important things. Things that the local government seemed impotent to accomplish. Things that individuals with the best intentions can't accomplish alone. I really think that after we state our respective positions and opinions, these kind of debates often devolve into unproductive discussions that only serve to inflame and cause animosity. Let's not tarnish such a positive event. Respectfully, Steve


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