Who Has Great Customer Service in Gulfport?

Vote in our poll, tournament style, to see who delivers the best customer service in Gulfport. This is just round one. The contest runs for the month.

Everyone has an opinion about who serves the tastiest lunch in town, or where to go for a great cup of coffee.

But who has the best customer service in Gulfport?

To find out, we're taking the top 64 businesses that joined Patch and letting them vie against one another, tournament style, to find out who gets the highest votes for customer service.

All month long we'll be asking you, our readers, to vote  as we work our way down to a final four and ultimately crown a champion (just like that famous basketball tournament going on right now).

Our top-rated businesses already clinched a spot in the poll. Their directory listings were claimed by staff, and they have high ratings from Gulfport Patch readers.

In order to round out the field of 64, we need your help. Vote in the poll below for your favorite local businesses, and the highest vote-getters by noon Wednesday join the others in the first round of the contest. 

Be sure to support your favorite business by voting!

Mark L Grantham March 13, 2012 at 03:43 PM
unfortunately, many of the businesses in Gulfport do not offer true Customer Service, I am sure there are many reasons to justify this. I truly love being a Gulfportonian, but I feel the businesses here should do some soul searching. St. Pete and S Pasadena are right around the corner, I would love nothing more than to shop in Gulfport, at this time it is not a complete reality.
Philip Penrose March 13, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Mark, without naming businesses, would you tell us a bit more about your experiences in lack of customer service in Gulfport? Thanks.
Mark L Grantham March 13, 2012 at 04:09 PM
to me, it seems as if the businesses are expelling the attitude that they are doing the customer a service, instead of being grateful for the customers in Gulfport. the various customers in Gulfport, and myself, have the option of going elsewhere to spend money, unfortunately, the various businesses in Gulfport do not seem to extend a sense of gratitude for the customers. oddly enough, on Tuesdays, when Gulfport has the Market, there are vendors that truly thank the customers, and they go above and beyond the "call of duty". I definitely choose to shop local, support local businesses, some of the responsibility does rest upon the shoulders of the businesses. I might spend a dollar or five hundred dollars at a local business, the business is expected to give sincere thanks to the customers. Without customers, there will be no business, for the customers have gone elsewhere. The world, country, county and Gulfport is experiencing tough economic times, perhaps the various businesses should look inwards and give honest appreciations for their customers. a few businesses in Gulfport have come close to showing something close to Customer Service, unfortunately for me, I am not n a financial situation to support them at this time. a smile and a sincere sense of gratitude goes a long way.
Linda Hersey March 13, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Hi Lynda: Good questions. This is the preliminary round and includes businesses that do not have star ratings in our listings. Stellas already made the cut and is part of the field of 64... Yes, you can only vote once. But there will be plenty of other opportunities to vote as the tournament gets under way.
Philip Penrose March 14, 2012 at 02:44 PM
I am surprised to hear that. Personally I've never had any "attitude" from merchants here in Gulfport - but I guess the more often you do business somewhere, the chances are you'll see some negative results at times.


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