Lifetime of Neglect Leaves Dog in Hopeless Health

Several ladies went above and beyond to make one Shar Pei named Rosie's final passage one of comfort and love.

Rosie, a Bearcoat Shar Pei believed to be 5 years old, was in dire shape when she was dropped off at Animal Control. Her owners decided they no longer wanted her.

A woman named Judy Labadie circulated Rosie's picture, and got the attention of Mary Schacherbaur of New York and Betsy Meek

Judy immediately took her to a vet in Altamonte Springs, where she was told that Rosie was heartworm positive, had a respiratory infection, had a a skin condition caused by a flea allergy, was in renal failure and was blind and deaf. Her condition was more like that of a 10-year-old dog, the vet said. The vet thought that Rosie was in stage three of heartworm disease and was going to write her off. But all of these wonderful ladies had a different idea.

Mary S. had told Betsy she would be willing to rehabilitate Rosie, and after her hopeless diagnosis, she even volunteered to keep her in hospice for the rest of her life, however long it might be.

But the dog was in no shape for traveling to New York.

When Betsy and Mary Kay Siegel went to see Rosie, and they brought her a blanket, a toy, baby wipes, soft treats and had made her chicken and rice. When Rosie came in the room, her head and tail were cast downward and she hadn't been bathed. A skin condition like hers, and no one even bothered to bath her. Betsy and Mary Kay kept petting Rosie until she responded and then took her outside. When they went outside, to their amazement, her tail and head both went up.  

Rosie would lean into them and eat right out of their hands. After learning that she was not contagious and that there was no reason she could not have a bath, the two ladies paid to have her bathed and decided they would take her home for the remaining two weeks until she could travel to New York.

They also got a second opinion from Dr. Parra, a vet at , who they trusted. They were told that Rosie’s heartworm disease was in a later stage and was causing breathing problems, that her renal failure was irreversible and the antibiotics she had been taking for five days were not doing anything. She also said that her condition was so horrific that it was impossible to tell her real age. Betsy said that Dr. Parra was shocked by Rosie's condition and that it appeared to be caused by neglect.

Dr. Parra was honest and told them that Rosie was suffering.

The group decided to do what was the most humane thing. Mary Kay and Betsy stayed with Rosie, rubbing her ears, kissing her face, and spoke to her. The told her how much she was loved and how sorry they were that the person did this to her. Rosie then crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" with the two of them by her side — surrounded by love she had probably never known during her lifetime.

Mary S. chose to have Rosie's remains cremated so that at least, she would have a forever home and always be remembered. 

These ladies all went above and beyond to show this girl love and kindness.  

She was one of the sweetest, kindest souls around. Rosie never deserved to be treated like this, nor did she deserve to be dumped at a kill shelter! Rest in peace, Rosie; you were adopted by loving people.  

If you know of an abused animal, I BEG you, please help this animal that cannot speak for itself. They really do just want love and kindness. 

You can go to your local shelter or rescue to adopt! See animals for adoption at Pinellas County Animal Services or, right here in town, Get Rescued in Gulfport.

Ruth McCullough May 16, 2012 at 08:10 AM
Tears reading this. Thank you, thank you to the ladies who cared.
Cherlene Willis May 16, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Thank you Ruth for commenting on the story! We hope this story raises awareness about animal neglect and we hope to hear more stories of those who stepped up to help. - Cherlene


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