Concerned Citizen: Don't Let Small Town Politics Divide Us

In a letter to the editor, a concerned Dunedin resident calls for unity after being disappointed over apparent division at the center of recent Dunedin Fine Art Center fundraising efforts.

Dear Editor:

You can see it coming, you can hear it, and you can almost smell it. The line in the sand has been drawn. I’m talking about the Dunedin Fine Art Center and the politics of an election. It's really too bad. Feeling and egos are damaged and healing will be slow.

Yes, it's well known the art center is aggressive in their fundraising. Nothing really wrong with that. They have come a long way and do a good job. Dunedin, its citizens and the centers reputation are far better off having a bulldog like attitude.

Asking the City to put up (invest) half a million dollars does take some attitude. If the City and Art Center cannot come to terms; it's my feeling the Dunedin Art Center will gather its forces and secure the needed funds. They have a large, and well-healed, membership and a proven fund raising ability.

We live in a small town and lets not allow this issue to divide us and ruin friendships.

Bill Coleman
Dunedin resident 

-Ed Harris- November 03, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Clara, I'm not the one hiding and lying! You are! Since your running for office, why don't you use your real name here.
Michelle Crash November 05, 2012 at 01:11 PM
I like the DFAC, but I find the request hard to justify. It seems the majority of our community functions take place on the property surrounding the DFAC, not in the DFAC itself. Also, lets keep in mind the DFAC has been built up (in my opinion) extensively over the years, and to be frank I don't know if I can honestly say the community sees a large return on the work that has already been done. Its not a need, its a want- like the city's failing branding campaign. I'm all for supporting the arts but this needs to be put into context. Should we be focusing on putting more money into the art center when citizens are banding together to "take back" their neighborhoods due to increasing violent and drug related crime? When patrons are getting robbed walking to their cars at night in downtown? Why don't we clean up Dunedin first.
-Ed Harris- November 05, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Mrs M. Crash, I agree with you on cleaning up the City. This money is available only under a certain guideline. DFAC continues to out grow it's facility every year because more and more kids are able to come. If a kid is at art camp or at a DFAC function they are off the street and doing something productive. Part of taking back your neighborhood is giving kids something constructive to do. The return Dunedin gets is so self evident! More and more kids every year are more and more involved and are winning awards rather than going to jail. More and more seniors are getting out and being part of the community rather than locking themselves up at home alone. Everything put into the building at DFAC goes right back to the city. No bank in business takes fifty cents from the city and gives it back $1.25 instantly, DFAC does! So not really sure what your talking about. (This is not my opinion it's a fact)
Andrew Gracy November 07, 2012 at 05:35 PM
'You can almost smell it'? Growing up in Dunedin we used to have a saying... Who ever smelt it, dealt it! We ain't in Egypt, get off da nile...
Adam Wilkes November 09, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Well the election is over! Any more comments from the famous Bill Coleman! Did you feel the % was not high enough? Are you going to now state that 58% of the residents are jerks? I guess you did not count on 58% of Dunedin coming forward and saying YES! We support Heather and YES! We support the DFAC! You are no friend sir but to yourself.


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