Hillsborough Moving Toward No-Kill Animal Shelter

Hillsborough County is taking steps to drastically reduce euthanasia of shelter animals. Let's continue this movement in Pinellas!

Hillsborough County took a huge step forward in the animal community a couple of weeks ago by moving toward making its animal shelter a no-kill zone.

Hillsborough County Animal Services has been trying to get its euthanasia number down. It has gone down from 30,000 in 2005 to 14,000 last year. What a great feat! Now, the county is trying for even fewer.

Now, there are always going to be some exceptions to the rule, such as very sick dogs that cannot be saved, but those things cannot be helped. 

Animal Services employees are being redirected in how to maintain operations while saving most animals from euthanasia.

Some of the steps that they are working on are:

  • increasing adoptions, 
  • working on a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program for feral cats, and 
  • communicating the importance of pet sterilizations.

This is a huge thing, and I hope that it will come to Pinellas County. A group called Save 90 has been advocating for these animals. Save 90 has its name because its members hope to save 90 percent of shelter animals from being euthanized. 

I want to bring this to everyone’s attention in hope that you, too, will get on board with this group, or inform your county of what a great idea it is.

In past columns, I have shared a couple of stories of animals who were going to be put down or . Luckily for those two dogs, they had someone looking out for them, but what about the other thousands?

We need more people to step up and be the voice for these babies who cannot speak. Let people know these animals are scared or just ill. Fight for these dogs that you know can be saved!

Please help by going to your local shelter or rescue to adopt! See animals for adoption at Pinellas County Animal Services or, right here in town, Get Rescued in Gulfport.

Lynda May 01, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Shelly, as I understand it, Pinellas county has an active Anti-Trap/ Neuter/ Release group (primarily composed of concerned bird people) opposed to feral cat colonies being supported in any way. I did not attend the county meeting in March, but the reporting I read indicated that TNR would not be adopted in Pinellas County. Without an active TNR program, cat euthanasia in Pinellas will continue to be the mechanism used to deal with cat populations in Pinellas. I am unaware of any successful no-kill program in the country which does not have a non-euthanasia-based strategy to deal with feral cat colonies.


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