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Did you vote today? Who did you vote for and why?

We asked our friends on our Gulfport Patch Facebook page and received a couple responses so far:

John Lawton wrote: "4 more years we can change this country around its headed in the right direction...we are the 47 %.......GO OBAMA"

Larry Killian wrote: "All the data shows that things have been improving in the US despite terrible global economics. I do no count the lows that took place in Obama's first year as his fault, but give credit for taking complete negative momentum and turning it around to positive momentum. Let's keep things going in the right direction. Obama."

Hairball Spencer shared his issues at the polls today. Spencer wrote: "well i went to my regular polling place as i have done for the past 25+ years , waited in line , got to table , they tell me that my precinct has moved to another church , why dont they inform voters of this change , i even checked the web site to make sure , it said it still was at the old place , ... as a matter of fact i just got my new voters card yesterday , nothing in the envelope about my precinct changing...oh well such is life."

Feel free to add your thoughts in our comment section of this article.

As always we greatly appreciate it when you agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

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