Congratulations, Rob, Gulfport's Commenter of the Week!

We love when our readers share their opinions. Of course, we appreciate it when people agree to disagree, post important questions and share personal stories.

Gulfport Patch encourages everyone to take part in the conversation! So, every week we're going to highlight and thank a Gulfport Patch reader who commented on one or more stories that week.

We want to hear your concerns, we like to hear your stories and of course we greatly appreciate it when you agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

This week, we thank for sharing his opinions, concerns and suggestions about crime in Gulfport. Fowler commented several times about our latest Gulfport Crime Map.

Check out this excerpt:

"I am not suggesting giving a pass to criminals because of their life situations. I firmly believe they should be held accountable. My point was about the cold hard reality that is contributing to higher crime rates. Hand outs won't fix it, nor will sympathy. Opportunity will, better self-esteem, a sense of belonging, a sense of contributing, and so on.

We can't really pick our neighbors, but we can choose how we live and interact with them. Respect is one of the first keys to a good relationship."

Rob also shared fun commentary on my story, "Shrimping with Bob Worthington Again" and adding another event in our story "Summer Fun in Gulfport."

Thank you, Rob, for sharing your thoughts and views on Gulfport Patch!


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