Senior Center Open House Brings Community Together

On Wednesday afternoon at the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center, a multitude of guests mingled with neighbors and business owners.

It is no secret that the is full of surprises. With a following of passionate supporters, the Senior Center has become a crucial piece of the Gulfport puzzle. Volunteers ensure that the overall organization runs smoothly while a small, dedicated staff keeps up with the demand for activities and events.

One event that had never been created was a day for organizations and businesses to come together, under one roof, and mingle. It was unheard of until Senior Center Coordinator, Cynthia Dean turned an idea into reality on Wednesday afternoon.

"We wanted people to know that we feel very much part of this community," said Dean. "We are interested in letting everybody know what we do here, at the Senior Center, as well."

According to Dean, the goal for the event was to "bring the community together." It was more about networking and sharing rather than trying to sell services. 

Dean and Senior Center Supervisor, Sue Frank approached a number of organizations to participate in the open house. Dean said that they went for the businesses that were known for drawing people together. 

It was also an opportunity for historical organizations to let the masses know about the "Then and Now" of Gulfport.

One of the Senior Center's sponsors, , was represented by Sheryl Coffy who is a Family Services Counselor. Coffy spoke with guests and shared information about Woodlawn. 

Coffy was happy to be a part of the open house event at the Senior Center and hoped to enlighten locals with her expertise. "I'm very passionate about what I do," said Coffy. 

Organizations like , and took part in the open house. 


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