Week in Review: Animal Rescue Fined, Big Bird Fight, Illegal Manatee Ride

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Code Violation Forces Rescue to Move Dogs: The president of a Gulfport animal rescue organization is ordered to pay a $750 civil penalty and remove 10 dogs from her home.

Gulfport Rescue Appeals Special Master's Order: An emergency motion temporarily stops the order Mary Barrett received for violating a city ordinance.

Animal Services Concerned for Dogs in Barrett's Care: Pinellas County Animal Control Officer James Anderson believes Barrett has too many dogs in her care and is concerned for their well being.

Gulfport Rescue Saves Dogs From High-Kill Shelters: Resident Mary Barrett started Limbo Chihuahuas-Chihuahua Rescue last year to help foster and find homes for dogs in need.

Loosened RV Regulations Moving Forward: In an effort to accommodate about 50 recreation vehicles that are not in compliance, city councilors are moving forward with less strict regulations.

Illegal Manatee Ride Prompts Search for Suspect: The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for helping in identifying and finding a woman spotted astride a manatee in the waters off Fort De Soto Park Sunday.

Manatee Rider Turns Herself In: Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez claimed that she didn't realize riding a manatee is illegal.

Obama vs. Romney: Who Won the 1st Presidential Debate?: The two presidential contenders faced off on domestic policy issues. We want your take on how they did.

VIDEO: Big Bird 'Fights' Mitt Romney: Protesters staged a mock boxing match between Big Bird and candidate Mitt Romney, after the former Massachusetts governor pledged Wednesday to eliminate funding to PBS.

Gov. Mitt Romney and his supporters continued to tout his strong debate performance from Wednesday night, in hopes to build momentum before the November election.

Artwork created by victims of domestic violence is displayed in the lobby of the Pinellas County Jail.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek of Titanic Treasures: The exhibit marks the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of Titanic and will run at the Mahaffey for five months.

Lynda Shehan October 07, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Concerning the 10 dogs required to be removed from Limbo Chihuahua's care. As a rescue person on 30 years I understand how a rescue volunteer can aquire a large amount of homeless, abused dogs.....you receive a call concerning an abused dog, you know that when you advise the caller you have no place for the dog, that dog will be killed. I've had hundred of calls myself thoughtout the years and I would be happy if all of you were able to shoulder my guilt, but you won't you are only concerned that Megan has 10 too many dogs. I ask you to contact Animal Control and questio them what will happen to the ten dogs that will be taken away...I know what Megan will endlessly work to do for the 10 dogs, attempt to find them homes.You can read the Patcfh report and do nothing or you can work with Megan and give these dogs a good home. Megan is not a hoarder, I don't know of another rescue that works as hard as she does to place homeless dogs.If we placed as much concern on the breeders, all of this is their fault, THEY SELL DOGS FOR PROFIT. I challenge the Patch to investigate these people, but I have no confidence this so called 'news reporter" will spend the time to do actual news
pegi larson October 27, 2012 at 11:38 PM
God bless you.... tell me if help is still needed for these little dogs. Pegi


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