Santa Calls! Santa Phone Messages Delivered Today

Thanks to Google, kids of all ages can get personalized phone messages and emails from the elf himself on Christmas Eve!

Santa is now mobile! The jolly old elf has discovered the wonders of cell phones, voice mail and even email.

As he dashes from house to house on Christmas Eve delivering gifts and good cheer, Santa Claus also is leaving personalized voice mail messages and emails for his under-12 worldwide fan club!

It's easy for kids in Gulfport or anywhere for that matter to get their personalized Santa messages. Just go to the Santa tracker and answer a few questions. You and your kids can get a Santa call!

That's right. Kids can get a personal message from the Old Man himself, who must be multi-tasking to get so much done as the clock ticks down to Christmas Day.

It's not surprising that Santa and his sleigh are on the digital highway. Santa may look old, but he has been ahead of his time, driving a zero-net emissions sleigh for centuries. Way to go, Santa Claus.

It's easy to get a call from Santa. Here is the website:



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