Gulfport Income: How Does Your Neighborhood Compare?

Mapping the median household income for Gulfport, around the county and beyond.

Curious how much your neighbors make? Wonder which parts of town are the wealthiest and poorest?

The website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks might be for you. Using Census data from the 2007-11 American Community Survey, it's tracked the median household income for neighborhoods and cities all over the United States. The data is represented in a color-coded map, with green shades representing higher incomes and red tones showing lower incomes. Different sections of town are divided up according to Census tracts.

A look at the map for Gulfport shows its lowest income level can be found in an area south of the Pinellas Trail and north of Gulfport Boulevard, between 58th and 49th streets south. The median household income in this part of town is $35,703 a year — below the statewide middle class income range of $42,300 to $51,300.

By contrast, head west to the area around Pasadena Golf & Yacht Club, and the median household income jumps up to $54,375.

Check out the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks site to see more details about Gulfport and other neighboring towns, or to do your own search for any city or state you choose.

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Rob Fowler February 28, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Fascinating! I love maps with demographics. A few surprises, indeed. What I really find intriguing are the boundaries. I have some thoughts (big surprise, eh?). The areas that are differentiated are based on income, but I see something else. I see neighborhoods. The area from Gulfport Blvd. South from 56th Street south to 27th Ave. South and west of 58th Street to 54th Street all the way to Shore Blvd. is one area. This is the "Historic Waterfront District" in my mind. More or less anyway. Average income $38,036.00. My neighborhood is from Gulfport Blvd. south on 54th Street South to the west city limits of Gulfport and beyond including all of Clam Bayou; Average income $43.220.00. This is my favorite area not just because I live here, but I feel it has the most financial potential for Gulfport. If I were King of the World, and/or hit the Power Ball, I'd buy everything from 49th Street South at the waterfront on both sides of 31st Ave. South to 50th Street South at the Mariner's Cove Marina. I would then pressure, lobby, pester, and even bribe the City of Gulfport to widen and light up 31st Ave. South to become the main thoroughfare from 49th Street South to the "Historic Waterfront District." This is one of our most valuable streets that nobody sees when visiting Gulfport for the first time. I visualize a nice landscaped pedestrian sidewalk and bike path, well lit, so beautiful! Will residents complain? Yes, until their property values triples. Cont...
Rob Fowler February 28, 2013 at 02:55 AM
So what would I do with the waterfront area of one of Pinellas County's most important north-south streets? First, I would likely make a lot of locals very angry. Second, I would make a lot of locals very rich. I definitely support keeping the above mentioned "Historic Waterfront District" the way it is 100%. No high-rises, no chains, etc. Hey, let's "preserve our past" in this very special area. However, that is economic suicide for the rest of our town, especially 49th Street South and the most valuable waterfront (undeveloped) area in our city limits. All of Gulfport, with the exception of our lovely and cherished Beach Blvd. and Shore Blvd. neighborhood, needs to not only catch up to the rest of the world, it needs to surpass it as far as modern comfort, conveniences, and personality. We have the one of the last remaining undeveloped waterfront areas in Florida. In the United States, in fact. And we have a doozy! So, yes I am going to create a riot of anger as I would ultimately build a 6 to 8 floor 5 Star resort and small convention center on the waterfront in Gulfport at the end of 49th Street South. The walking, biking, trolley, automobile journey to the "Historic Waterfront District" would be one of national attention. Downtown would thrive. Our two local B&B's would be full every day of any year. Of course, I see a fishing pier, major city park and also a modern 49th Street South bridge to connect all of Pinellas County to Ft. DeSoto one day...


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