Want to Swim With an Alligator?

While you may have heard of swimming with dolphins, have you ever heard of taking a dip with an alligator?

The Alligator Attraction is bringing the gator to you! That's right, officials with the attraction at John's Pass in Madeira Beach are offering another option for those wishing to get up close and personal with the reptiles. Organizers say people can host a pool party with a gator as the guest of honor.

“If you have a pool at your house, we can bring an alligator to swim at your home,” said Lewis Gaff, general manager of the Alligator Attraction.

Not only will the alligator be lounging in the pool, but people will get a chance to actually swim with the gator.

Pinellas Beaches Patch originally reported about the alligator pool parties earlier this month and since then, media outlets like CNN and Good Morning America have taken notice.

Bob Barrett is happy for much of the attention, but is hoping that the attention will pass along to all of his community in John’s Pass.

“The tens of millions of viewers will hopefully find their way to John’s Pass,” Barrett said.

Barrett has spent time fielding interviews from numerous media corporations, including the Associated Press. He has worked hard to talk to all of them, but had to decline on Anderson Cooper’s offer to fly him up to New York.

“I’ve got gators to take care of,” Barrett said.

Since the media caught hold of the story, the Florida Wildlife Commission came out to check out the Alligator Attraction on September 26.

“They came and everything is fine,” Barrett said.

Barrett is taking the opportunity to plug John’s Pass as a whole in his interviews with the national media outlets.

“Everyone I’ve been interviewing wants to take about the a pool party and I tell them the attraction is in John’s Pass, Madeira Beach,” Barrett said.

With the increased media coverage of the Alligator Attraction, more business will come into John’s Pass, Barrett said.

“This is going to be great for John’s Pass,” Barrett said.

For more information contact the Alligator Attraction at (727) 329-8751.

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