Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are some tips for filling stockings and buying gifts, without breaking the bank or taking too much time.

1.) Gift Cards: They're easy and folks actually love getting them. OK, they're a little impersonal, but they allow people to choose the exact item they want at a favorite store. CVS and Publix make this really easy, offering a range of gift cards.

2.) Lottery Tickets: You heard right. The Florida Lottery even has a special edition scratch ticket series that it is promoting as stocking stuffers. Better make a deal with the recipient in advance should the purchase hit the jackpot.

3.) Virtual Shopping: As long as you don't make any detours along the Internet highway, virtual shopping can be quick and painless. The recipient may be emailed a card or note in some cases, even if the gift arrives after Dec. 25.

4.) Virtual Holiday Card: For the cheapskates among us, there's the option of shooting out a holiday card across the Internet. They're fun to receive since most are like little cartoons. Many are free.

5.) Magazine Subscriptions: This painless approach to gift-giving allows folks to get a gift all year round. The subscriptions may be $25 or less. As long as you have the recipient's address, you can handle the whole thing on the Internet. Just make sure there's a place to add a gift card message, or let your friend or relative know that the magazine is on its way.


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