Food Tours Satisfy in Gulfport, St. Pete

Eat.Sip.Indulge is an up and coming business venture that was prompted by a love for all things local. Owner, Deborah Molise, added food and drink into the mix to create one successful recipe.

At first glance, the folks enjoying a walking food tour in Gulfport seem like a group of old friends. They laugh, chat and stroll as if they have known each other for years. In actuality, the small crew just met a few hours ago. Although they come from different walks of life, they have something in common: their shared love of food.

Eat.Sip.Indulge is a brand new business, offered in St. Pete and Gulfport, that makes for a great date night or even an ice breaker for the new kids on the block. The walking food tour is complete with samplings at local restaurants with history talks in between.

For example, a tour in Gulfport looks a little something like this:

Sample- Fresh chicken salad served on a crisp plantain

Sample- Chicago style hot dog

Sample- Homemade shepherd’s pie

Sample- Wienerschnitzel

Sample- Cheesecake

Owner of Eat.Sip.Indulge, Deborah Molise, says the idea was developed out of her love for local businesses. She had the growth of the local economy in mind when creating the company.

“I truly wanted to do something that would not only be beneficial for me but for others,” said Molise.

Food tours have gained momentum in big cities like Chicago and New York, and Molise says St. Pete is similar in its culinary appeal. The potential to grow is obvious and when Molise began building the business, there were no other food touring companies in the region.

The tours run for two and a half hours on different nights of each week. From a brunch tour option to a strictly adult (21+) tour, Eat.Sip.Indulge has an offering for every appetite.

Food tour participant, Stephanie Broadaway was using the outing as a date night. The Broadaways enjoyed the food and the company of some out of towners that were also on the journey.

“We had a good time and met some new friends,” said Stephanie Broadaway. “We will definitely schedule another tour.”

Aside from the entertainment value of the food tours, local businesses also gain exposure that would otherwise be non-existent. “I didn’t know very much about any of these restaurants before tonight,” said Broadaway.

If the business continues to thrive, Molise says she would be happy to grow with the company.

Molise is always open to sampling new restaurants in the area that want to be a part of the food tours. She encourages businesses to email her for more information about connecting through the food tours.

Visit the Eat.Sip.Indulge website for a complete list of tour options and rates. 

Lynda July 05, 2012 at 12:50 PM
What a great idea! Congrats to Deborah Molise for her creative business concept that has real potential for success. Good for out- of -area travelers and a wake-up to us locals who keep going to our same comfortable places (which we love!).
Daniel Hodge July 05, 2012 at 01:52 PM
I agree this is a great idea, and perfect for food-rich Gulfport. I can see this being a great success. Thanks, Deborah, for bringing this to our community.
Jennifer July 05, 2012 at 05:16 PM
I did one of the Gulfport tours with my husband and it was SO fun traveling from food stop to food stop and sampling the goodies, chatting with the owners and learning more about Gulfport. We're going to do the St. Pete tour next!
Rachel Jolley July 05, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Daniel and Linda, it sounds like Deborah is on to something here! :) Thanks for sharing your experience, Jennifer. Maybe I should consider participating in a Food Tour one of these days!


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