Bryan Hilbert Offers Rentals with Integrity

Through his website, Bryan Hilbert satisfies a vast audience of health seekers. From organic gardening to rental spaces to non toxic home cleaners, Hilbert does it all.


As a Gulfport resident for more than 40 years, Bryan Hilbert knows the potential the city holds for going green. He decided to take advantage of that possibility and has been growing his website ever since.

BryanTree.com is Hilbert’s website that is dedicated to educating visitors on the importance of natural living. Aside from teaching valuable lessons about living green, Hilbert also rents out a slew of spaces in the Gulfport and downtown St. Pete area.

“We focus on healthy places to live and we offer the opportunity for residents to take over a garden area,” said Hilbert. However, he also said that the residents must garden organically in order to make it their own.

Hilbert’s home is complete with a large garden breeding everything from papaya to collard greens. He even has his own chickens that produce his eggs.

BryanTree.com gives helpful tips on how to clean with basic products like baking soda, vinegar and dish soap. Hilbert’s battle with chronic sinus infections gave him the push to share natural remedies on the site as well.

Hilbert made it clear that he is willing to teach anyone that may be interested in learning. He said that it does not matter if you’re in an apartment or a house, there are always options for growing your own food.

At some point, Hilbert hopes to gain a strong enough following that will allow clients to take ownership of certain gardens.

“Eventually, I’d like to do it as more of a formal co-op where other people can actually own their units,” explained Hilbert. “I don’t really want to everything, all the time. I like the idea of co-op.”

In Hilbert’s mind, an ideal world would be one where co-ops and organic gardening were a mainstream action. But his ideals are not about a radical shift in humanity. Hilbert said that BryanTree.com is simply about wanting to take care of one’s self.

“We’re not here to save the world,” said Hilbert. “We’re here to save ourselves.”

Rob Fowler April 07, 2012 at 04:56 AM
I rented one of Bryan's very cool homes for five years and enjoyed every minute. Bryan is the perfect landlord. We paid our rent on time, he treated us with total respect and gave us our privacy. What a nice treat compared to landlords I have had in the past who stuck their noses into my home and into my business. If we had a problem, it was fixed immediately, and he even went as far as to upgrade some features (such as added plumbing/electricity for a washer and dryer) that we requested.
Mr. Fish April 08, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Bryan has been an outstanding citizen of Gulfport, sometimes having to fight city hall to make things better for all of us. Bravo Bryan!
Rob Fowler April 09, 2012 at 02:20 AM
I think Bryan would make an interesting Council Member someday.


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