10 Businesses We Were Sad to See Go in 2012

St. Pete Patch has put together a list of places we were sad to see close their doors in 2012. Did we leave out a great business that closed? Let us know in the comments.

1. Gallery Woo

Bill "Woo" Correira died suddenly in November inside his art gallery after battling brain cancer for more than five years. With his death, his gallery located in the 600 block of Central Avenue closed down for good. Luckily, many of his fellow artists created a mural in the alley behind the 600 block of Woo to honor and remember him. 

2. Mocha Vida Cafe

In February the local coffee shop put out a call to local java lovers to help save the business. Unfortunately, the struggling coffee shop closed its doors in following a last hurrah party on July 31. "I'm very sad to announce it, but tonight will be our last night before getting the boot! We pushed as far as we could go - it's tough going for independent business," Mocha Vida wrote on its Facebook page. 

3. 66 Fixed

66 Fixed technically didn't make it to 2012. On Dec. 31, 2011, it was the end of the route for 66 Fixed, a bicycle store on Central Avenue that catered to all the needs of enthusiasts. "The shop was more of a hub for people to share their love of cycling," said co-owner Carol Davis. Carol and her husband, Michael, ran the Central Avenue store together since 2007.

4. Sweet Cheeks Candy and Beauty Bar

2012 brought many changes to Sweet Cheeks Candy and Beauty Bar. The candy shop moved from its location on the 1000 block of Central Avenue into a space inside the Crislip Arcade on the 600 block. Sweet Cheeks closed later in the year. 

5. Bentley's Boutique

The trendy boutique located on 6th street and Central Avenue closed its doors earlier this year and moved west to the beaches. The new beach store will carry upscale baby items as well as unique gifts including candles and handmade jewelry. 

6. The Boundary

Located on the edge of downtown at 11th Street and 1st Avenue North, the American Grille opened in August to rave reviews but closed in December. Not all news is had, however, Boundary owner Jim Wilson said he would open a new restaurant in Gulfport in January 2013. 

7. Margarita Mama's and Banana Joe's

The lives of Margarita Mama's and Banana Joe's did not last long in 2012. Opened in summer 2012 in the historic Kress Building, the restaurant and bar closed just a few short months later. Now, the first floor of the building along Central Avenue sits vacant. 

8. Lettuce Eat Healthy

After nearly two years of serving delicious vegan hot dogs in downtown St. Petersburg, Jim Janolek closed down his mobile business. In late October, Janolek wrote of the stand's closing, "The drive to offer cruelty free food is there but the plan needs be altered."

9. Malindy Elene

The stylish wedding dress boutique closed its doors in the Edge Business District on Central Avenue earlier this year. However, the store is not closed for good. Malindy Elene moved to a new location in South Tampa at 2107 West Kennedy Blvd. 

10. Garden Cafe

Yes, the Garden Cafe had not been used in years but it's always sad to see a local and mark face the wrecking ball. That, unfortunately, was its fate in summer 2012 when the cafe was demolished. The building was located on 2nd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue N. Inside, the tropical walls were painted by historic local artist George Snow Hill, who also has a painting still hanging in City Hall.

Patch would like to thank its loyal Facebook followers, Keep Saint Petersburg Local and LocalShops1 in helping to compile this list. Did we leave out a great business that closed? Let us know in the comments. 

jjinfl December 29, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Hi Jeanni, I was also wondering about your question of location. One of my favorite Thai restaurants was closed up unexpectedly the last time we tried to eat there. Tum Nuk Thai on Seminole Blvd. and 110th Ave. was a lovely place with wait staff in traditional costuming and lovely ambiance. They seemed to stay busy, so I don't know what happened that made them go out of business. Always polite and welcoming to customers, and I loved their amazing chicken dish. I hate to see it go, but will now patronize Lanna Thai, another great Thai place, more often, even though it is on Starkey Road just above Tyrone Blvd, and a good deal farther from our home.
Cassie Osterloth December 29, 2012 at 06:48 PM
To answer the question about location, The St. Pete Patch is not all of St. Pete. If you check the About Us, it tells you which neighborhoods they cover. I would imagine all the ones listed fall in these areas.
Jeanni L. Stewart December 29, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Actually Cassie Osterloth, it is St. Petersburg, including Old N.E. St. Petersburg, Downtown St. Petersburg, 4th Street Garden District, Crescent Lake, Snell Island, Shore Acres, Placido Bayou, Allendale. So my statement about not just downtown still holds true. I still hope that you take a look at the 3/50 program and think about going to your locally owned businesses. And if jjinfl wanted to speak about a place in Seminole and let you know of a second choice on Park Street, that yes falls with in the boundries of Saint Petersburg as the location I go too is located at 4871 Park Street North in St. Petersburg, FL and is fantastic. As does the statement left by Gene "Doc" Webb, about Max and Sams. And the question was "did we leave out a great business that closed, let us know". If some have fallen, others are trying to keep going. Make sure that you keep them going if you love them. Good luck to all small business owners and thank you to their clientele.
jjinfl December 30, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Want a cute little restaurant in a strip mall approx. 4th St. N. and 31st or so to stay in business. It's called "Bowled" because they serve several entrees in round white china bowls. They have a good brunch on the wkends and have been there several years. I am supporting them driving down from Seminole with friends from time to time, but I hope the locals to that area are eating there. I think I'm right that the location is what used to be the Brown Dog restaurant, which was another small business that had to close down. These chefs at Bowled will make you almost anything you want, mixtures, substitutions, hot teas of various flavors, home made desserts. Try them if you haven't and let's try to keep the local businesses running.They work very hard for our patronage in these hard times.
Anonomys December 30, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Agree support local businesses. We try so hard to give the best customer service. Sometimes we stumble but our hearts are in the right place.


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