Where's Selena, 'Spring Breakers' Cast?

Looking to catch a look at a young celebrity? Check out Patch every day, as we follow the Florida adventures of Selena Gomez and the cast of 'Spring Breakers' on the Gulf beaches in Florida!

Selena Gomez and her celebrity friends are being sighted here, there and everywhere in the Tampa Bay area. From the Vinoy Hotel to a St. Petersburg Walgreens fans swear they've seen the starlet and her pals, who are making a film here.

While the filming of , the movie's beach scenes will be shot on the Pinellas Beaches.

As for 19-year-old Selena Gomez, she's been spotted sporting shorts and basking in the sun.

She last was seen leaving Quest Diagnostics in St. Petersburg for bloodwork on Friday according to Disneydreaming.com. There was no final word on why she had blood drawn, though fans say she looks healthy as ever.

Those expecting to see the actress over the weekend may have been disappointed though.

That's because her boyfriend, Justin Bieber was having a surprise birthday party in his honor on Friday. Gomez flew to California to help him celebrate, according to Hollywood Gossip.

She's back now though, and apparently enjoying a blue icy treat, according to her instagram account.

Gomez pal Vanessa Hudgens also is in the movie. But fans should not expect to see the raven-haired beauty. Her hair is lighter for the move. Hudgens has dyed her hair blonde, according to Celebritygossip.net.

We'll keep you up to date with more details on the cast of "Spring Breakers" as they come in each day. If you grab any snapshots of the stars, make sure to upload them to our story as well and tell us where you shot them.


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