New Gallery Revitalizes Art Movement

Domain Home Accessories celebrated a benchmark with the grand opening of their new art gallery, residents say, the achievement is also kicking off a re-birth of art in Gulfport.

Local artists, residents and city leaders celebrated a milestone for Domain Home Accessories this weekend, calling it a "re-birth of the gallery movement," and a "renewed spirit of the arts."

Lori, Rosso, President of the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce raved about the collections in the gallery and the support from local businesses and fellow artists.

"It's a very proud day," Lori Rosso said.

Gulfport Mayor Mike Yakes stood alongside owners Michael Knettle and Bobbi Stapelton and former owner Mike McCue for an impromptu "ribbon cutting," minus the cutting. They posed for photos and thanked the crowd of supporters for attending the grand opening. Mayor Yakes said he was speechless when he walked through the gallery doors. The owners said they were overwhelmed.

"It's more than what I hoped for," Bobbi Stapelton said.

"Everybody's been waiting for something like this for a long time," Artist Owen Pach said. "I only hope people support it."

Pach and several other artists were on hand to meet with collectors and community members. Pach chatted about his glass blowing techniques while Janet Corrigan talked about her inspiration for her "enlightened sculptures."

"Each one is different . . . this one looks like flight and it feels like flight," Corrigan said.

Linda Worsham pointed at a sculpture of a deer, "that's made of old jeans," she said.

Between the shop and the new gallery, Michael Knettle says there are close to 100 artists represented at Domaine Home Accessories. Many of the items are functional, one-of-a-kind pieces. Prices range from $59 for prints to a $3,000 illuminated "tree" by Jonathan Schork.

"It's always functional art for the home," Knettle said.

Former owner Mike McCue hopes the gallery will inspire more openings and art spaces in Gulfport. McCue says the art movement has changed over the years. In the 90's there were more galleries downtown, he said. But, he thinks when the housing market improved in the early 2000’s; many artists packed up and moved out. Restaurants filled some spots and helped create the new downtown are that we see today.

Owners were able to expand the current shop when Joey Goodrich with the House of Renee Originals decided to retire this year. Domain used part of her old shop for the new gallery.

Artists currently confirmed for “& Gallery” include:

  • Patsi Aguero (painting)
  • Sonya Ariaco (stained glass)
  • George & Diane Bragg (fused glass and metal)
  • Janet Corrigan (pottery)
  • Kimberly Clayton Dawn (painted folk art)
  • Doug D’souza (jewelry)
  • Eric Folsom (metal)
  • Tim Kane (metal)
  • Diane Kim (painting)
  • Dennis Melloy (paper art)
  • Paul Leroy (pop art)
  • Owen Pach (glass and mixed media)
  • Jonathan Schork (mixed media sculpture)
  • John Shevlin (acrylics)
  • Linda Todd (manipulated photography)
  • Monika Watson (acrylics and clay)
  • Linda Worsham (fabric and mixed media folk art)

The gallery is located at 3129 Beach Blvd. S. in Gulfport. Hours are Mon, 10 - 4, Tue, 9 - 5, Wed & Thu 10 - 6, Fri & Sat, 11 - 10, Sun 12 - 6. For more information call 727-302-9299.

Trace Taylor September 11, 2012 at 10:15 PM
This is a gorgeous gallery! I love that when I walked in, it wasn't just one or two pieces that caught my attentions but nearly all beckoned me further in, local artists' work, too. What a plus to our community. I especially loved the Melissa Lowe exhibit, her Venus and Tarot Canvas were amazing. A really great job, everyone! Thank you for giving us this gallery! If anyone missed the opening, you should definitely stop in and treat yourself to a feast for all the senses.


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