New Studio to Feature Art, Performers, Films

Author, filmmaker and artist Jonathan Schork has plans to lure performers and guests to his new gallery and studio in Gulfport.

While business experts will tell you location is the key to success, Jonathan Schork's studio's hidden location provides the allure to attract artists and guests alike.

The "schork~munsell studios 2" recently opened at 5437 29th Ave S, Gulfport and is only accessible from the alley. It's located in between Owen Pach's and Victoria Wenner's studios in what is quickly becoming known as "Artist Alley."

In less than three months, 48-year-old Jonathan Schork went from looking at the building space to moving in and creating a gallery and studio. Schork says Owen Pach and Victoria Wenner helped him settle in Gulfport. His first studio, "schork~munsell studios," has been located in Big Pine Key for more than 20 years.

After spending time in Gulfport and creating friendships, it made perfect sense to open a second studio here.

"I want to make this a destination place," Schork said.

With it's post-industrial feel, intricate sculptures and theatrical decor, Schork's studio appears mysteriously attractive.

"The studio is made of three pieces: a gallery, meeting place and working studios."

He says he has a fascination with bones and bugs and incoporates them in his work. A quick walk through the studio reveals items made of steel, copper, plaster, wood and more.

"I use a lot of organic materials," Schork said.

Schork produces paintings, chandeliers, sculptures, acrylic jewelry, life-casting and decorative pieces. Schork is not only an artist, he is a published author and short film maker.

Schork published "diversifolio" with E.C. Kasteen in 2004 and wrote, produced and filmed "tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori". The short film was released last year.

In the short film, he explores themes of grief, loss, & love by creating the monumental sculpture "tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori" and asking people to write messages to love ones who are no longer living.

"The filmmaking is the most fun. You get to write, edit, use photography. It's very exciting."

His film and book are on sale at the studio. He also has artwork by Ciara Carinci and the late artist Richard Munsell for sale.

Studio partner and fellow artist Ciara Carinci wants to expand the studio to include "after dinner entertainment" during Art Walks. Schork says they are working on building a stage to set up in the rear of the studio where people can sing, perform, read poetry and more. The studio also features a screen on one wall where Schork wants to show local independent films.

For more information

Schock plans to be open during the First Friday Art Walks and possibly the Third Saturday Arts Walks as well.

Schock is looking for artists to perform at the studio and to show work in their February theme show "ars erotica."

For more information contact Jonathan Schork at (305) 304-3018 or email jonatha­nschork@­aol.­com.

Learn more about "schork~munsell studios 2"on Facebook.

Douglas Hudson January 13, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Jonathan is a tremendous addition to Gulfport's reviving arts scene! I have visited his studio several times, and am in awe of his talent. What a diverse body or work! He fits right in at Gulfport's Artists Alley!
Phil January 13, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Odd location for a studio, how do they expect the general public to find it? Gulfport needs several REAL Art Galleries on Beach Blvd downtown where people actually can find them... Gulfport lacks real art galleries which I am amazed we don't have any real art galleries where people can see the talent of the artist who live here. I have to sell in Saint Petersburg due to the lack of a real art gallery in Gulfport, there is no outlet for art openings for artist here either, no support, no nothing and yet we are a art community how odd is that?
Juju Stevens January 13, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I think it's a great location for an art studio; in the many cities I've lived in over the years, location of art districts is dictated by affordability, size and services. Did anyone see people flocking to the many studios which have gone out of business on the boulevard ? I sure didn't. If I can walk down any expanse of street and see more than one studio. We have a start ! I'd love to see studio open houses, maybe even have some local businesses donate sidewalk space for "gallery space" for an evening and do something like New Orleans' White Linen Night.
Daniel Hodge January 13, 2012 at 06:45 PM
I am thrilled to see Jonathan's studio open here in Gulfport. I visited the "Alley of the Arts" during the First Friday Art Walk a few days ago, and the energy there was palpable. The work of the 3 artists with their studios located here and the artists with which they collaborate are creating a buzz, and it is wonderful to see it happen. Jonathan's studio is positively rich in atmosphere, and talking with him about his plans for visual art, performance art and more in this space was very exciting. Bravo!
mtober January 14, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I love that the "Alley" is coming alive!! Kudos to the wonderful artists making it happen!!
Frieda Speech January 15, 2012 at 02:51 AM
Bravo! Jonathan is a true renaissance man. He is a creator of joyful life interpretations for the senses. Looks like he would be able to take you everywhere with his work.Very happy to have him grace our town. The artist alley has been there for decades with ever revolving artful tenants. Jackie Ballard was there for 12 years with her Glassblowing studio,Fire & Ice As for having studios on Beach Blvd...we had dozens of artist studios on the main drag until the greedy landlords raised the rents. Gulfport should have an Arts Committee focusing on getting more artists to settle here.
jonathan schork January 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM
the response in gulfport to the little renaissance on "artists' alley" has been outstanding-- thank you for your kind remarks. as for location, it is not unusual for artists to occupy undesireable, industrial real estate to promote, show, and sell their work. artists' alley is an ideal location for the kind of venture my neighbors and i have in mind. as for phil's concerns, i would invite him to contribute to our st. valentine's day theme show-- "ars erotica"-- scheduled for 12th february. we don't seem to be having too much trouble attracting traffic: first friday art walk was on a chilly night with no other particular activities going on, and we enjoyed plenty of company all night long, as well as the magical musical intonations of stone handy. i do welcome any help gulfport has to offer as we build our ambitious arts project: i am accustomed to working with muni-governments and non-profit boards of directors on public projects. to quote w.p.kinsella, "if you build it, they will come". i can hardly wait to see what happens: the suspense is killing me! --jonathan
Douglas Hudson January 17, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Thanks, Jonathan!
wilson loria February 03, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Jonathan's studio is destined to be "the" meeting place for us, artists, actors, actresses, and art lovers. Following Jonathan's words above, I can't wait to see this wonderful space "take off." Finally, we have an alternative arts space in Gulfport. Here's to the future.


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