Jude Bagatti: World Traveler, Artist and Gulfport Resident

She has been all over the world, but local talent Jude Bagatti says that Gulfport will always be “home base.”


“I love traveling, but I like coming home too,” said Jude Bagatti. Throughout her adventures, Bagatti has touched down in places like Tanzania, China and Iceland. She also said that no place on earth compares to her home, in Gulfport.

Bagatti, a licensed Reiki Massage Therapist, said that she lives her life with no regrets and that she has every intention of continuing to travel.

After graduating from the University of Miami, Bagatti wanted to experience being a home owner. She hunted for a house up and down the west coast of Florida and landed in Gulfport, but Bagatti said it was by chance.

“No one ever told me about Gulfport,” remembered Bagatti. “I discovered it on my own.”

She came across the “Waterfront District” sign and followed the path that lead her down scenic Beach Boulevard. To a degree, the rest is history as far as Bagatti being a Gulfport resident.

Among her accomplishments, Bagatti is a world traveler. During her journey she has always kept one object close: her camera. She has taken an innumerable amount of photos that document her trips. From the scenery to the cultures of each location, Bagatti has captured images that speak volumes without words.

However, Bagatti has a way with words too. She not only practices the art of photography, but writes about her travels as well. Bagatti is a self-proclaimed “PhotoWriter.”

It all began, years ago, when one of Bagatti’s massage therapy clients was admiring her work. After studying some of the photographs, the client asked Bagatti, “could I buy one of those?”

Bagatti said, “that’s when the bell started to ring and I thought ‘hey, I could sell my photographs.’”

Now, she showcases her work in different places while continuing work as a Reiki Massage Therapist. Bagatti has released two books to date: Fauna, Flora & Fantasy (a nature photography book) and Fear and Loafing in Belize (a travelogue tale of her travels).

Throughout the months of March and April, some of Bagatti’s work will be on display at the Safety Harbor Public Library. “Faces in Places” exhibits her many travels, from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to cycling in Japan.

Bagatti hopes to continue traveling and has compiled a list of destinations, like Antarctica, to conquer.

“I’ll travel as long as I possibly can,” said Bagatti.

Barbara Casey April 08, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Great article about my friend Jude. Enjoyed it very much. Barbara Casey
Barbara Purtee April 08, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Jude is never going to rust out...there is no stopping her!


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