World's Most Endangered Sea Turtles Released in Pinellas County Waters

Three Kemp's ridley's were returned to the wild after being rehabilitated.

Three of the most endangered sea turtle species on this planet have been rehabilitated and returned to the ocean. The trio of Kemp’s ridleys were released in waters in Pinellas County.

Two of the turtles will carry tracking devices that will allow scientists from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota to study them.

It is a miracle the three are alive, and now they will help scientists better understand these rare and threatened species of marine life.

Allison and Squeaky, two young Kemp’s ridleys, were rescued in October from Charlotte Harbor after being harmed by red tide. Another young Kemp’s ridley, named Jax 2, was rescued in May in Pinellas County after swallowing fishing line and a hook.

All three turtles were returned to sea by Mote caregivers at around noon on Thursday, Dec. 6.

The turtles will be tracked by satellite transmitters, and the public can peek in on their journey, as it is plotted by scientists using the Internet to show their path. People can subscribe to seaturtle.org for updates.


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