Photo Gallery: Casino Royale on the Bay

Huge thanks to Rob Fowler for sharing some amazing photos of people trying their luck at the fundraiser "Casino Royale on the Bay!"

Gamblers didn't have to fly to Las Vegas to hear the chims of slot machines and rolling the dice among a cheering crowd! The Historic Gulfport Casino Ballroom turned into a Vegas-style casino on Thursday, Nov 8 as part of a fundraiser for the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce and Gulfport Senior Center.

Gulfport resident Rob Fowler stopped by the event, snapped some amazing action shots and uploaded them in our neighborhood photo gallery, "Gulfport Pics & Clips!" We  . . . well, I am ever-so-excited to see the photos in the photo gallery!

Huge thank you to Rob Fowler for sharing your experience and what you saw through your camera lens with all of us at Gulfport Patch!

Want to share your photos of the event and/or the other benefits during Heroes Weekend? Upload them in our "Gulfport Pics & Clips" gallery and we'll feature your photos on our homepage . . . like Rob!

Rob Fowler November 10, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Thanks for mentioning the photos! The event was a great success and a whole lot of fun! Of course it was a who's who of Gulfport business people, City employees, and Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce members and volunteers. Plus there were so many faces I have never seen before. It was entertaining to see everybody playing the games and I was impressed at how well some of them did with stacks of chips in front of them. I saw a Red Hat Society lady hit a jackpot on the slots, and watched several people with hot streaks on the Black Jack and Craps tables. My luck was cold that night, but have been to Vegas enough times to know when to recognize when lucky or not. (My skills may be a bit rusty too!) I am fairly confident the Chamber will be eager to make this a yearly event since it went of so well.
Lynda November 10, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Thanks for the photos! Very happy to read the event was successful. What fun to have real gambling in the Casino for one night!


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