Unique & Local: Know Your Soaps

With this well-crafted soap one can enjoy bathing without the use of a washcloth!

Soap and washcloth, soap and loofah; these two typically go “hand in hand,” but hand felted soap combines the two separate items into one. At Rebecca Park Totilo’s , bars of vintage-style, mild soaps are roofed with Suri, Huacaya Alpaca, and wool, which are felted to encase the bar of soap. 

While bathing, a person can have the luxury of grabbing this original bar of soap and polish their way to cleanliness without the use of a washcloth.  The fuzzy soap bars are quite gentle and will leave one feeling revitalized and clean.  The felt will minimize with the soap so that it does not fall off, and the felt on these exclusive soaps are vibrant and amusing to look at, as well as enjoyable to bathe with.  The hand felted or “fuzzy soap” so to say, is a unique and local product here in Gulfport.

Where: , 2904 Beach Blvd. South.

When: Open primarily on Art Walk and Fresh Market Tuesdays

Price: $8.95


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