Gulfport's Photo of the Week: "Freeloaders" Statement

We asked and you guys responded! Yes, you're sending in awesome one-of-a-kind photos taken right here in Gulfport!

Update: Tuesday, Oct. 9, 9:40 a.m.

It has come to our attention that the photo of the "Gulfport Waterfront District" sign is copyrighted and permission was not given to anyone to edit it. We have removed the photo from this post.


Attention photographers of all ages, experiences, backgrounds and more! We're seeing new photos every week in our neighborhood photo gallery called "Gulfport Pics & Clips."

We're asking people to upload their favorite videos and photos to our gallery and we're very happy to see more than 280 photos in "Gulfport Pics & Clips" so far!

To say "thanks" for taking the time to share your pics with us, we're picking a photo of the week and highlighting it every Saturday.

This week's photo of the week is, again, from Phil! Now, Phil has been chosen several times for submitting his iPhone photos in the neighborhood gallery. Phil snaps shots at events like the Boca Ciega Yacht Club Fun Day and the 12th Annual Geckofest. Phil even uploads photos taken around town.

But, this week, Phil was chosen for encouraging conversation and making a statement by editing a photo taken of the old "Gulfport Waterfront District" sign.

Gulfport Patch does not agree or disagree with the caption or words that have been edited in the photo. We are featuring the photo because it's an expression, an opinion, a conversation starter and that is what our comment sections and "Local Voices" blogs encourage our readers to do.

We want you to share how you feel about an important issues, education, public safety, local politics, etc. And this week, we thank Phil for doing just that.

Thanks Phil for uploading your latest photo in our "Gulfport Pics & Clips" gallery! 

Cherlene Willis October 09, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Rob, I did not know the photo was originally taken by you. - Cherlene
Rob Fowler October 09, 2012 at 10:30 AM
Thanks Cherlene! I know you have impeccable professional integrity and respect everybody's intellectual property!
Phil October 09, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Sorry Rob did not know that was yours, I just took it from the internet....and changed the wording...
Phil October 09, 2012 at 01:56 PM
So sorry Rob did not know it was copyrighted and did not know it was your photo. I apologize for using your photo. It will not happen again... Phil.
Rob Fowler October 09, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Just a reminder, Phil, and anyone else who takes photos from the internet for their own use, it is unethical, unprofessional, and illegal. If someone has no college education they might not know that, but any true professional photographer or designer knows the rules and follows them. When I see one of my photos appear on a website or in print without my permission it really bothers me. I have clients who pay me to use them on their websites and it is not fair to them nor me when someone steals them for use. Photos have power and for someone to just to take one they like and assume nobody cares is outrageous and wrong. The Patch, Gabber, Tampa Bay Times, Creative Loafing, and other reputable media always give credit and/or ask permission to use my photos. I do see my photos used without permission way too often. The ads and websites I see them on were created by unprofesional amatuers who either do not know better or thieves who are too lazy to take their own photos or ask permission.


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