Giving Back in Gulfport: Muzi Michaels

Muzi Michaels is out and about volunteering at a wide variety of organizations in Gulfport.

Name: Muzi Michaels

Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts

DOB: October 16, 1946

Title: Volunteer at the , Fitness desk at the Senior Center and Usher for the during productions

How long have you been volunteering?

Three and a half years.

What encouraged/inspired you to start volunteering?

“My neighbors were volunteering at the Chamber and the Chamber people seem to have more fun than anyone else and so I became a sit in the office volunteer.”

What do you like about volunteering?

“At the Chamber, I really like the people I work with. At the Senior Center, it's the people who come into the fitness center and some of them have a tough time. They're there and working hard and I love meeting them. Just meeting all the new people at the senior center is wonderful.”

How often do you volunteer?

“Three hours a week at the Chamber of Commerce, four hours at the Senior Center and once in a while at the theater when they need an usher.”

What keeps you interested in volunteering?

“Its a good group of people and we have Geckofest, we have Springfest. Since the merchants association doesn't have any volunteers, we're all over town."

What do you like about Gulfport?

“Like everybody else, it's so eclectic!"

 How can the public help your organization?

“Just be aware that we're here. We offer a lot of wonderful things, not just for the people of Gulfport. For example, we have people coming from all along the beaches to the Senior Center because it's just a fabulous place. At the Chamber of Commerce, we'll help you do whatever you want to do in Gulfport or wherever else if we can help you."

Linda Craig March 10, 2011 at 09:55 AM
The Chamber is not on 58th St. any more. 22nd Ave. S. Across from Sa-A-Lot.
Linda Craig March 10, 2011 at 09:55 AM
Sav-A-Lot that is.


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