Cancer Fundraiser Cancelled: How You Can Still Help

Over the weekend, the Hunt for the Cure Fundraiser in Gulfport didn't lure as many participants as volunteers wanted. Hear how organizers made the best of the situation and how you can still help the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation.

Did you know that in order to walk the sixty mile walk for breast cancer one must raise 2,300 dollars? This money goes straight to the Susan G. Komen account to help those battling cancer. On May 14, 2011, at the , Karen Love, an active volunteer for the campaign and someone who had lost several dear friends to cancer, planned out a fun-filled scavenger hunt for those who wished to help. All proceeds would have gone directly to the Susan G. Komen account and helped Karen Love to achieve her fundraising goal, so that she too could walk the 60 miles and give back to those whom she cared for. 

Unfortunately, not enough people attended a weekend fundraiser to help Love and her friends meet the $2,300 goal. The event had to be cancelled.

“I plan on doing this again in January in hopes of a better turn out, I am known as the eternal optimist,” Love said.

This is how the event was planned:

People would come in pairs and pay an admission fee of $30.00 which would go to the cure for cancer foundation. Each pair would then compete in a light hearted scavenger hunt in Gulfport.

The first task was to find a specific place in Gulfport by reading the clues about it, and when they found it they would have to partake in a sports activity, or a brain activity to move on to the next round.

Afterwards they were required to find specific numbers that were written on balls in a field filled with hundreds of them. 

Each team would have received a hand-made passport before the hunt and when they finished the activity at hand a volunteer would give them a stamp and they would move on to the next task.

Answering seven historical questions about Gulfport was the third and final task.  They did not have to answer all of them, but for every question not answered five minutes would be added to the team’s time. The team with the least amount of time at the end would have won $75.00, and the second place price was $30.00.  Those were the cash prizes but every participant at heart would have been a winner. 

“I really wish the turn out was better, because I think folks would have had a blast!” Love said.

Love has raised approximately $800 thus far towards her $2,300 goal in order to walk in mid October. 

“I plan on doing my next fundraiser back in my hometown of Georgia; I have recently just moved to Gulfport six months ago, and I love it here so far.”  Love explained.

Love wears a handmade tutu around her waste at all her events. Pink and white ribbons flutter around it with names written on every one.

“The pink ones represent all my friends that have survived breast cancer, and the white ones are my angels, the ones which I have lost,” Love said.

To help Karen Love reach her goal of $2,300 donations can be made at anytime by going to www.the3day.org/goto/karenlove. Any amount would bring her one step closer to giving back to her angels.

“I will not quit walking until friends stop dying!” Love passionately emphasized. 

Judy Lee May 17, 2011 at 02:30 PM
As one of the volunteer's and a friend of Karen Love for many years, I want to thank The Patch and Britany in particular for a great article that touched the heart of what Karen is all about. I know she will reach her goal and be walking for her angels in October.
Brittany Stenfors May 17, 2011 at 04:25 PM
Thank you Ms. Lee, I wish you all the best:)


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